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Assetto Corsa is a great racing sim that was released in 2013, as an Early Access game. A final release then came out in 2014. Which was after the game had been fine tuned by developers Kunos Simulazioni. Assetto Corsa is a great driving simulator for players who love the thrill of racing. With the main focus on players getting their own customised cars.

It has a great modding community as the developers wanted to let people have free reign when it came to modding. This includes all cars and the tracks they can race on. For the best experience it’s advised to rent Assetto Corsa server hosting from a third party host.

Free DLC

The game has released lots of content and DLC packs in the last few years. Some have been free and were released when the game was first put on the steam store. This included many extra cars and tracks, these were both available on PC and console. Some patches were also included in the early free content as the game will still in early release at the time.

Paid DLC

As for paid DLC they have released 3 main packs. This Included “Dream Pack 1” which added many famous car licenses including the Alfa Romeo 155 V6 Ti and 20 others. The second pack named “The Red Pack” was the main content added to the game in 2016. With cars like the Ferrari F138 and Lamborghini LP 750-4 Aventador SV. They also actually laser-scanned the Red Bull Ring and many of the national layouts in this DLC. Another DLC came later in 2016, 3 months after the last one. This one named “Porsche Pack” which actually introduced Porsche to the game for the first time. The final DLC that they released was the “Ferrari 70th Anniversary Celebration Pack.” This added loads more Ferrari’s to the game in celebration of their 70th anniversary. Since this DLC, the game hasn’t released anything else, nor has there been any news about a new pack.

Community Mods

In game modifications are one of the biggest focuses of this game. With the developers offering many options for support and development tools. The WYSIWYG editor was added to the initial game to allow players to mod. The editor lets players port custom designs and 3D models with ease. Offering the ultimate customization in online motor sports gaming. Which has only recently been topped in 2016 by the game Project Cars. Although many players still consider Assetto Corsa as king of the car modding community as it has more options and a better tool for modding.

You can find additional content and mods for Assetto Corsa on the following websites:

  • For more awesome cars and tracks for the game check out
  • Another source of both cars and tracks for the game is Assetto-DB
  • For news and apps as well as some more in game content check out ACMods

Server Hosting

The game still has a very active community receiving an average of 1,600 players a day. Which means that there are plenty of people that are still online and ready to race. So why not start your own Assetto Corsa server hosting, Set up your own track and race your friends? It couldn’t be simpler with the help of CompareGameHosting and our comparison tool.

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Project Cars

project cars server hostingProject Cars is a game that was built with a core focus on community involvement. The game began development in 2013 and much of the project was open to contributors. Which meant a lot of the game and content was partly created by an active support network of players. This is very evident within the community still as many players are still adding content.

If your a fan of racing and want to be apart of a community driven game then check out Project Cars. Many fans of Assetto Corsa have gone on to play this simulator and have praised it for it’s unique approach.


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Assetto Corsa DLC & Mods

Assetto Corsa DLC & Updates

No updates or DLC have been written by us for Assetto Corsa.

Assetto Corsa Mods

No mods have been written by us for Assetto Corsa. Why not let us know if you have a mod you would like featured in this section.

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Assetto Corsa Reviews

If you like me love cars then Assetto corsa is the game for, allowing you to experience some of the best driving experiences you could ever simulate. As a car nut i can't help but go all in for driving games, Assetto corsa manages to follow a rule of thumb in all driving games where to story must suck as well as any other game possible. While disappointing in that angle it's impossible to criticism a driving game where the driving is as phenomenal as it is in Assetto corsa, to know what i mean you must pick out a car and give it a test lap. With the game being continually updated i found this simulation to be as close to the real thing you can get, allowing for players to experience the joy of driving anything from a Ferrari to a mini. Ill happily admit that i went full nerd and downloaded as many mods from the community as i could, this enabled me to personalise vehicles as well as modify under the hood, a feature i lap up in driving simulators. The basic Assetto corsa also has a collection of tracks of found challenging but engaging, some i felt let themselves down. When it comes to these features however the community has plenty of input themselves, which is just another great aspect of this game. I found playing alone that the AI were either penguins strapped into a car or the gods of automobiles during my time racing, this had no between i left me feeling frustrated easy. Going online quickly eased these tensions as the community on Assetto corsa were a welcoming bunch, each a car enthusiast waiting to learn and share their knowledge. Whatever your reason is for checking out our review on Assetto corsa, you will no doubt want to see the cheap Assetto corsa hosting that we offer on this page!

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This game was outstanding when more people were playing however a lot of people have stopped using Assetto Corsa server hosting which means there are a lot less servers online. There used to people loads of servers that you could join including Drift and long track server however it's becoming less and less often you can find a full server now which is really annoying for the hardcore fans that are still left. The only thing that really killed this game was the lack of multiplayer options and how hard it was to join their servers hence why so many people started hosting their own dedicated Assetto Corsa server hosting privately. A good game that has sadly fallen short in the long run.

Assetto Corsa is one of the best racing simulations around and nothing even comes close to how amazing it really is, it left me speechless for the first 10 hours of playing it as I took in all the scenarios and just how much detail and craft has been put into this game. It has to be one of the few titles that I'm actually willing to spend out extra money to get Assetto Corsa server hosting in order to host tournaments for myself and the rest of the online community. Which brings me to the next positive! The community! It’s by far one of the best communities I have ever been apart of and it’s full of people that truly appreciate how magical this game is. If you looking for a racing sim with possibly the most realistic physics engine around than Assetto Corsa is the game for you! See you on the track.

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The game is perfect. Every Detail, every sound is as real as the actual thing. There are so many reasons why this game is so good. 1. All the tracks have be designed and scanned in order to recreate the actual experience making it feel like you are actually apart of the race! 2. Assetto Corsa server hosting can support up to 25 players online which is amazing for tournaments and long tracks that can last for hours. 3. the game works perfectly with a controller which makes it a lot easier to play as I can’t get the hang of playing with the keyboard. 4. The game supports a huge range of amazing mods that have built by the community and I'm always excited to see what they have in store next. 5. Most of the Extra content is a 100% Free which mean we always have loads of new extras to try out. All in all Assetto Corsa is a stunning game that any race fan should try out.