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Kerbal Space Program is one of those games that can easily hold you for hours on end. Creating your perfect rocket to shoot up into space is an invigoratingly fun idea, even if it may be hard. Part of the charm is the fact that it’s so difficult and that being a rocket scientist would have an unfair advantage in this game. It’s already known that a lot of Kerbal Space Program makes use of realistic physics and rocket science to truly create a unique experience. So, what could make this already incredible game even better? An expansive piece of DLC that adds all the more reason for you to stick around with this one that much longer.

Making History

So, what piece of DLC is coming this game’s way in the near future to keep player’s satisfied? Well, there’s a little piece of DLC by the name of Making History Expansion. A bunch of new information has been announced by the developers for this latest expansion for the game. Before delving into what exactly this new DLC brings, it’s worth mentioning the release date, of which is the 13th March, 2018 and this will be on PC.

To begin with, one of the major additions the Making History Expansion brings to the table is a mission builder. With the inclusion of this brand-new mission builder, you can now create and share your own scenarios with other players. Not only that, however, there are a few developer created missions as well. Just in case you’ve played through all of the scenarios already in the main game. Going by the name of the history pack, these missions are inspired by historical moments in space exploration and make for a fun perspective.

Mission Builder

Through the mission builder, you can truly design a scenario exactly as you desire. You create the end goal, you create whether their objective is to rescue, repair, land, and many more. Whatever you can think up, you’ll be able to make into its own single mission. On the flipside, though, if you can’t quite think of a mission, the Kerbal community will. With an easily accessible community tab, any scenario that takes your fancy will be easy to download and play. Within a few short minutes, you’ll be able to jump right into a new scenario, all with very little set up.

Whether Making History Expansion will make its way onto consoles has yet to be known. While the developers have yet to say anything against this idea, they have yet to confirm it either. From pure speculation, however, the likelihood is that the DLC will be coming to console before too long. For the meantime, we’ll just have to wait and see on that one, unfortunately.

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