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Life Is Feudal had several major updates in December of 2017 and all of them featured important bug fixes, optimizations, new features, and tweaks to already existing features. For those who don’t know, this game is a massively multiplayer online game with RPG and building elements. The games world consists of thousands of players in each server on a huge medieval map. This game focuses on realism, so magic and sorcery are not featured.

Bug fixes and optimizations:

  • The team has fixed many connectivity issues in relation to nodes losing connectivity, and client crashes throughout the whole month
  • A random overweight bug was also fixed which has helped tremendously in looting, and building.
  • Guild invites can now be properly cancelled now as well, which helps to keep unwanted people out of your group.
  • Walls will work better to protect valuable loot since they are now harder to scale
  • Reduced memory needed to run the game
  • AI algorithms have been optimized
  • Fixed minimap
  • Fixed lance slashing exploit
  • FPS optimization
  • Believers robe torso protection fixed. It now does not protect at all

New features:

  • A new European world called Epleland was introduced into the game at the beginning of the month.
  • Crafting tweaks have been made to the kite shield, heater shield, and iron round shield
  • Updated jewelry
  • Loading screen visuals
  • Players will now slip and fall when they are on another player or horse which prevents players from making a human centipede siege
  • Food limit of barns increased to 40
  • Player horses take 2 hours to decay when left unattended
  • Fixed incorrect Vassal-to-Vassal standings and alignment checks. Now if two kingdoms in official war standing, vassals of these kingdoms can kill each other and properly raid during JHs without the loss of alignment.
  • Fixed some visual bugs of beards and hairs showing or not showing with certain premium skins


December was a great month for updates with this game, and just goes to show how dedicated the developers are to maintaining a constant flow of new and exciting content.

Author: Alex Booth

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