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The annual Minecraft convention MineCon Earth took place last month and with it came some very exciting and disappointing news for Minecraft players. News of updates, a new server for mini games, an updated graphics pack, and cross platform play with the Switch are things that will make any player thrilled to hop back into the blocky universe that is Minecraft. A new update is set to release in Spring of 2018 which adds tons of new features to the in-game ocean.
The Update Aquatic is one of the biggest updates Minecraft will see in a long time. New animals including different species of fish and even dolphins will be included. With this update, adventuring underwater will become a more normalized task in Minecraft gameplay, whether it be hunting for fish, or skewering other players with the new trident weapon. Water physics are also being improved which will allow players to float. Shipwrecks are also being added and will be fully explorable.
The Hive has partnered with the Mojang and has promised to bring mini-games to Minecraft. Mini games being added will include death run which has been loved by many Garry’s Mod players. These games will be hosted on dedicated servers and now Minecraft players will be able to experience the hectic gameplay that death run entails.
Cross play including the Nintendo Switch was promised at E3 earlier this year and was being called the “Better Together Update”. This feature has been postponed to an unreleased date in 2018. The team was expecting to release this in 2017 but requires more time to ensure there are no glitches and the best experience possible is delivered. This will not impact the cross platform play between Windows, Xbox, and mobile versions of the game which is good news for many. Sony is still not being included with the cross platform play to the dismay of many of its players. They say it is to ensure player safety, but that doesn’t make much sense as there have never been problems with player safety on Minecraft.

The Super Duper Graphics Pack was announced in June of 2017 and promised to bring enhanced lighting and textures to Minecraft. The team has decided to delay this graphic pack until sometime in 2018. This may be the biggest and most disappointing announcement to come from the Minecraft team as of late. However, they promise it will be released and just need more time to perfect their ambitious project which promises to bring 4K resolution support and upgraded graphic effects. This delay includes all platforms including PC.
It is not uncommon for developers to push back release dates in this day and age. However, it is frustrating to have to wait even longer for improved graphics and cross play among all systems. This being said, hope is not lost as Mojang always delivers and I am confident these updates will be released sometime in 2018.

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