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Stationeers is a fun survival game from RocketWerkz and is becoming a great looking game. Even as of right now, they’re putting more and more time and effort into the game. By any chance you’ve ever wanted your own space station, then Stationeers is the game for you. Whether playing with friends or alone, you’ve got an ideal space-constructing title right here, one that’s only improving with age. Since the last update, there have been some more recent updates that bring the game just a bit closer to release.


Named consolidated patch V0.1.1203.6028, the developers have teased in some areas and delivered in others. In terms of where they are on the new Mars scenario, they are in fact quite close to finishing it. As of late, a lot of the additions help setup for the new Mars scenario, such as the addition of atmosphere. With each new patch, they’re adding more and more to the game, which reveals that they’re getting close to finishing it. In the patch notes they state, “much of the work in the last few weeks has continued towards our Mars scenario.” By the sounds of things, it isn’t going to be much longer now until the Mars scenario is finally playable.

Going on from this, they’ve given players access to Mars as a world type. As of right now, however, it’s primarily a visual change, since Mars doesn’t have many changes implemented just yet. Once they’re done with adding content especially for Mars, then the world type will be more intractable.

New Items

Moving on from the news and speculation, we’ve got some new changes and additions made to the game. To begin with, there’s now a portable solar panel that will charge batteries in locations where you couldn’t otherwise. This new item can be constructed using the Electronics printer! Not only that, though, the active/passive vents, along with some heavy cables have all had their art improved. Somewhat of a minor change, but one that won’t go unnoticed, I’m sure.

Then of course, to end things off, we’ve got a number of different bug fixes, additions, and optimisations for the game. Some of the key ones are as follows: a new baked potato recipe, a new 4-way corner heavy cable, and even a portable solar. Also, you can now build on the mothership whilst it moves and it no longer pitches/yawns and snaps after being involved in a collision. Along with a few others, these are some of the more key changes to the game that are worth noting.

As of right now there is no more news for anything else related to Stationeers. Give it time, however, and the developers are bound to reveal the release date for their latest and greatest idea – the Mars scenario. Now, that’s something everyone seems to be looking forward.

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