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Citadel: Forged with Fire is still a rather new game from the developers over at Blue Isle Studios that takes everything you know and love from the Elder Scrolls games and fantasy titles in general and throws them all into an online sandbox RPG. There’s magic, building, exploring, crafting, and so much more to enjoy inside of Citadel: Forged with Fire and with some of these latest updates there’s even more for the player to do this time around.

One of the latest updates/teases for the game is the new “Broomstick League”, a fun new way to play the game without having to play it too seriously. As of right now it still has yet to hit the servers, since it’s been announced for next year, but a community manager for the game has stated that it will be very similar to how Quidditch works in the Harry Potter franchise. Reportedly, you and a few friends hop onto a broom and can challenge strangers and friends to some “wizardly athletics” while you’re on the broom. With the same sort of end goal as any ball-based sport, it’s your team’s goal to grab the ball, keep it in your possession, and coordinate yourselves up to the opponent’s side of the field to throw the ball into their goal. There aren’t many specifics revealed for this mode at the time, but the developers have stated that they intend to work on it to make sure all of the mechanics and systems work for it work flawlessly and feel fun to play.

Another update that is being teased for 2018 is the big farming update that will give players the opportunity to grow their own fruits and vegetables; primarily for food and other uses. Through the collection of seeds, you can place them into a garden plot, but must be watered regularly to prevent them from dying. Providing you’d prefer some more automation in this, there are going to be sprinklers that will automatically water any farming crops within its radius, but they are required to be attached to a mana generator to work.

To end 2017 with a pretty big bang on the developer’s part, there’s plenty of new content for players to sink their teeth into is a myriad of new weapons and armour that have been implemented into the game throughout development. Along with that, there are also some new enemies and even end-game dungeons for squads of mages to venture out and explore, without feeling like they’ve done everything. These end-game dungeons are obviously designed to not be a cake walk and are set to be a solid challenge for any veteran player of the game.

Then of course there are plenty of bug fixes and quality of life changes to make the game easier to play and enjoy, with a few optimisations here and there. So far, that seems to be it for the end of 2017, but the developer clearly has plenty of content ready and willing to come out during 2018 after they’re satisfied with the final outcome for it and testing is complete.

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