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Fortnite is similar in gameplay to the hit PC game Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. Fortnite differs in the fact that it allows players to build their own shelters and forts. The standard mode is a 100 player death match where your only friend is your gun. There are other modes that allow players to work cooperatively in groups of 2-4 against other enemy teams.

New Fortnite Social Features

New social features have been promised, which allow for players to communicate and make friends more efficiently. It will be possible to match make with players that you have previously had a good experience with. This could lead to a reputation system where players who have a good reputation are matched together. This will weed out any bad eggs or cheaters that have infiltrated Fortnite’s great community. New analytic models will be introduced as well to put an end to the annoying team killers. This could also have an impact on reputation and in turn make those players less likely to team kill.

Limited Time Modes

This is a new feature that will introduce modes that are temporary. The specifics have not been released, but is exciting nonetheless. This has the potential to create new ways to play Fortnite and for the team to run experiments on what game modes get the most playtime.

Fortnite Optimisation

The development team hopes to provide better optimisation with frames per second and better server performance. They have said that a solid 30 FPS is what they are aiming for an believe it is achievable with adequate work and time.

50 vs. 50

Arguably the most exciting news to come from Epic Games is the addition of a large team deathmatch. This Fortnite mode allows two teams of players to duke it out in one huge map. Players will now finally be able to relax and not feel as paranoid when running in open spaces as they will have cover from team mates. Players will infiltrate enemy territories such as towns or cities and proceed to fight for control. This new mode also adds the ability for players to be more apt to play roles they aren’t as comfortable in. Whether it be a sniper, or assaulter, players will have back up. In essence, the 50 vs. 50 game mode is the four-player squad mode on steroids which makes me very excited to jump back onto the Battle Bus and fight to the death.

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