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Who Are GGServers?

GGServers is a Canadian based server company that offers Minecraft servers around the globe including North America and Europe. The business was built with 1 goal in mind, „Providing higher quality game servers at an affordable price” giving everyone the chance to own their own Minecraft server without breaking the bank. They have been operating since mid 2013 and continue to grow as the months go by, with a strong user base. They have 50,000 clients across 90 countries and the numbers continue to grow making them a great choice for Minecraft server hosting.

Author: Alex Booth

Alex is responsible for overseeing the content on CompareGameHosting. With 5+ years experience in the game hosting industry he has seen the good and the bad.

A lot of the articles in the Reviews & Guides section have been written by Alex based on his technical experience and findings.

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Sleezy-J Thumb


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Published 16th March 2017

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I purchased a 4GB Ram package and had my server running for about a month when I started to get errors and server crashes saying there was not enough space on device. This means their HDs were full and my server had no room to write/save its files. All the files on my server only added up to about 2GB of space. When I contacted Customer Support with logs and reports they all just gave Generic copy and pasted responses and it was like they were not even reading my trouble ticket. The issue just keeps recurring and Im looking for a new host!

Zeon ^_^ | <TeamAlphaD> Thumb

Zeon ^_^ |

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Published 22nd January 2017

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Very bad

Hello my name is elite and here is my experience with ggservers, So it was all going well great minecraft server when i stop using it i still payed the server suddenly out of nowhere i get a credit card confirmation saying that you have payed 50 dollars even though i didnt buy a service except from the 12 dollar one so i got in contact with them and they said that i cannot have a refund do not go with these they scam you out of your money


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Published 14th January 2017

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Happy with my server

I was in two minds about renting server hosting for minecraft. It was a split decision between GG servers and McProhost. After surfing the web and looking at a couple of reviews I decided to go for GG servers. So far GG servers have been great and I can’t say I have any complaints about their service. Im sure Mcprohost is just as good but I'm happy with my current provider now :) Great MC Host.

WizardFinn Thumb


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Published 10th January 2017

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Willing to go the extra mile

Tickets are answered within 24 hours and they always seem to have an answer for anything you throw at them. modes have gone down from time to time, but these things to happen i suppose so nothing bad to report from me. Staff are pretty friendly and always seem willing to go the extra mile when it comes to helping you out.

CRaftykuts Thumb


Blue Star Blue Star Blue Star Blue Star Grey Star

Published 4th January 2017

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Great MC Host

When I purchased the server I stupidly picked the wrong location so my server ended up in North America rather than Europe which was not very helpful. However a quick ticket to the support team and my server was transferred in under an hour so I was online in no time.

Cliff Thumb


Blue Star Blue Star Blue Star Blue Star Blue Star

Published 1st January 2017

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Great job GG Servers

My friend recommended ggservers after buying one for his other group of friends and he said that the price was dead cheap for the service you received so I decided to try them out. To cut a long story short, my friend wasn't wrong, I only paid a couple of dollars for the server and it has been running fine.

SkinnyV Thumb


Blue Star Blue Star Grey Star Grey Star Grey Star

Published 31st December 2016

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Bad service, terrible customer service, owe me money and do not want to refund.

GGserver are simply terrible, I paid for the service for a few month without using it much. The 2 times I tried to connect I had issues and now that I have cancelled, they kept charging me for a new month. I contacted them and they not only refused to refund me the extra month they charged after the service was cancelled, I realized they overcharged me a few time and they also refuse to refund me hiding behind a line in their disclaimer saying they only refund if it's been less than 24h. They were rude and wouldn't even refund the extra month at 1.50$ !

BreezyFu Thumb


Blue Star Blue Star Blue Star Blue Star Blue Star

Published 19th December 2016

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Jadon has been great.

Jadon has been great. Has always had an answer for any question I have asked and a solution for any problem I have come across. With friendly staff and an easy to use website I would highly recommend any novice try them for minecraft. Super.


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