Ogólnie Survival Servers posiada spory zakres dostępnych gier przy rozsądnych cenach i całkiem dobry odzew społeczności. Oferują dużo dodatkowych modów i niestandardowych pluginów dla gier takich jak Arma 3. Mają też dużo opcji jeżeli chodzi o dostosowywanie serwera gry. Survival Servers wymaga opłaty za de-branding co nie jest jakimś wielkim problemem dla większości ludzi, ale niektórych to denerwuje.

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Survival Servers Reviews

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I'm very satisfied

I can recommend this company with all my heart. People from support are very nice and friendly. In my opinion is the best hosting for Survival Servers! ;)

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Top Knotch

Highly recommend this company... We have a Ark Survival Server it runs amazing and love how Mods Auto Download / Ark Auto Updates / Custom Control Panel by far superior to the rest hopefully they start offering other games. Like: Insurgency, Day of Infamy

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Very happy with service and support

I've asked for technical help and just plain asking questions as a newbie to handling my own server. The staff at Survival Servers have been great, even when I pester with silly questions. Very much recommend them.

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Amazing Support

Support was amazing. I've rented before, but been hesitant due bad service. These guys rocked it out from day one with very quick responses and dedicated support, ensuring server setup was a breeze. Putting in a ticket didn't even require registration (Even though you can for simplicity). The Server itself is about an five hours away though, and the ping isn't that fantastic, but its better than most.

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Suppoert has always been Great!!!

Cannot say it enough but The support team At Survival Servers have been the best! They don't let go of a problem until it's fixed! Thanks Guys for the GREAT support! It means a lot when Problems POP up!!

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Amazing hosting company!

I've been using some other gaming hosts such as fragnet.net, gameservers.com and vilayer. But this host would probably be my favorite since their support is amazing and friendly and they have the best prices for the best performance. I would call it Premium hosting at it's finest for a superlow price!

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Great support always

After switching with lots of hosting providers we finally found our main host provider. Previously host providers where slow, bad service, slow service. Sadly we had to contact support and we where happy to know we got a reply without 1 hour. Because I was kinda stressed (DDoS attack) they calmed me down and reply kindly.

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I have used alot of hosts in my life. But this host? No words for it's great support and hosting!

The staff of this website is just absolutely amazing. They know what they are doing when it comes to technical stuff and they absolutely know what their doing when they are answerings tickets. I have no words of how much this hosting website stands out from its competition. Highly recommended and thanks to them for making my life so much easier with their incredibly easy configuring for ark servers :)

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Great Interactions repeatedly with Support

Ive only had the utmost positive interactions so far with Survival Servers, they have been flexible on both a payment, an my relatively underqualified ability to manage on my own. they're quick with replies an so far have shown me rather then just fix the error from their side which has helped me learn some what an manage on my own. 4th month with them an id highly recommend them to anyone looking for a Hosting site.

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Awsome support!!!

This is my first time in renting a server for any game. To get it started was simple and fast but I had problems getting into the server and finding it. The support they gave was extremely fast (under a hour to reply to me). They fixed me up fast and I am having a great time with the server. Very stable and I am extremely happy with everything.

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Best Host out there

Now the title says it all. There maybe a host with an easier interface, but if you run into a prob you will get help asap I had a big prob with my server and they worked with me until it was fixed hell a supervisor and one of the developers worked with me 'till it worked from around 12 noon until 3am my time with small hinks and most of the prob wasn't on thre side but mine and steams api. They stuck it out until I had my server up. A better host you will not find! See you all in game in ARK!

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There is only one...survivalservers.com

these people are the best in the buisness and go far above and beyond any others ...dont even hesitate to try thier services ..ticket times are just incredible and half the time i think they can read your mind and answer a question before i even get to ask it ....awesome job by an amazing host ...ty guys for taking the stupid out of hosting:)

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Great Service

Using service to host a Hurtworld server, was having some trouble with hosting a new map I created for the game. Hurtworld had just released a development sdk, so the new features had not been implemented into the control panel, a quick back and forth with support and had the problem sorted out withing minuets of first raising concerns. Would recommend to anyone with their great Customer Service, Support, and implementation of new features, Great job all around.

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Best Hosting Experience Thus Far

In order to find the best hosting provider, I did countless hours of research, narrowed them down to the two best, ran the same game with the same server settings on both, and then did my comparison. Survival Servers is the superior service. I am running an Ark: Survival Evolved server which is still in Alpha/Early Access. Despite this, initial setup of the server was painless and almost instaneous. Additionally, Survival Servers has an amazing Control Panel that eliminates the need for confusing FTP editing of server files (the option is still there) and allows the admin to modify game values/options with easy sliders/check boxes. In comparison the other provider's initial server setup took forever and the control panel was hard to use as it did not have the easy to use slider controls/check boxes for server customization. The real game changer was the customer service. I ran into an issue where I could not connect to my server from any of my computers. I submitted a support ticket and I not only received a response within minutes but they already had narrowed down the problem as well as providing a solution (it worked). Obviously not all server issues can be resolved as quickly as mine but I'm just sharing my personal experience. Overall Best Hosting Experience Thus Far

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Awesome site

Just bought my Unturned server and set it up instantly and had no problems with it. I got a fast response from survival servers when i needed help i honestly could recommend this site enough.

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Not had any problems

Been running an ARK server with Survival servers since day one. Not had any problems so far apart from them updating the servers, which means im offline for a while. But nothing major. Worth considering them for hosting your games.

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Doing a grand job:)

Used Survival Server for our two Dayz mod servers and now ARK, support is speedy and servers run great! Always found them to be helpful and fast to integrate any new changes. If you are not the best coder and fancy your own server, SServers has got you covered,I’d recommend them to anyone safe in the knowledge they’re doing a grand job:)

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ARK and Other Servers Hosted by Survival Severs

This has been one of the best server if not the best server I have ever paid for. It has everything you need or would want. Each server is easily configurable and has great quality with a great price. Every time my friend or I have had a slight issue with the server whether it be minor or major the support team and people at Survival Servers do whatever they can to fix it and make sure it stays that way. Im glad to have found this server when I did and I honestly couldn't be happier with the service. If you were going to get a server whether it be for ARK or any other games, i definitely recommend this one to the highest extent.

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Not had any problems with SS.

Not had any problems with SS. Does what it says on the tin. Hosted for a couple of months a can say I’m happy with the service.

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Ultimate control

Look no further you have come to the right place. The biggest thing that has set survival servers apart from the rest of the hosts is the custom control panel that they have. I was told that this is something that they continually work on to make their service as quick and user friendly as possible. Yes - it has been very user friendly and we have had no problems switching between arma mods. If you're looking for a service that does not pin all its hopes on TCadmin then I would give survival servers a go. (Ultimate control)

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I can't say enough about Survival Servers...WONDERFUL service with great ease of use. Server was simple to access and the control panel was understandable and very easy to modify. I had a slight issue with the server, submitted a ticket and had the problem fixed in record time. I cannot state how much I like this company and their support. If you want a solid server with excellent support staff this is the place to settle in. Thanks for the great work and keep it up!!! Satisfied customer!!!

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Ark Server - Disaster

Played on server for a whole day with groups of friends. Next day, an update was required. Server wouldn't update for days. When server finally updated, the whole day of works was wiped. Another patch comes, game wouldn't update again! Support made it sound like we didn't know what were doing. Was with the Host for 4-5 days, gave up, found another host provider. Haven't had any issue with the new Host i went with besides lag spikes.

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Decent Server Host

They don't offer any refunds, so you're in it for the first month no matter what. Just a heads up before hand, be prepared to wait a long time for the servers to get updated whenever there is a patch. I used this host for about 5 days before I went with someone else, and I didn't get any money back, even after putting in a ticket and talking to someone. IMO go with someone else who can offer a better refund system so you don't get ripped off if you don't like their service. Also, I lost my entire world when the server was patched a day later. Server performance was fine though, no problems there.

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Steven White and SurvivalServers.com Support

First of all, I would like to thank one of the Account Managers on SurvivalsServers.com, Steven White helped me out a lot and he explained things that made it very easy for me to understand and he was very enthusiastic and motivating. I'm glad to know that customer service has its very professional and euphoric team :] Looking foward to giving you my money.

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Lots of Issues

Here is my review. Obviously some people have NOT had these problems, but this was the end of it for me: Since purchasing my 30 slot ARK server, I have had nothing but problem. First there is was the issue with rollbacks and losing a massive amount of time (over a full day lost), then we were told the problem was solved.... It obviously was NOT fixed, and still hasn't been completely fixed to this day. Now, my server has gone invisible to ANYONE but me, and the only way I was able to get it to show back up in my server browser was by launching the server from the Survival Servers Control Panel. Of course, I logged on, fixed up a box for my jerky, and logged off... Went about town doing my daily routine, got back 2 hours later and attempted to save, stop, and start my server back to see if it would help with the invisibility problem.... Well, it didn't, no one can see the server and now I've lost ANOTHER 6-7 hours worth of work for no good reason and there's no backup that helps. It has been nothing but issue after issue. I have had this server for 3 months, and have had a serious memory loss twice, and my server has been invisible for a full 24 hours now. Needless to say, I have cancelled my subscription for this server and will be moving to another host. (This was also posted on THEIR forums under the reviews section... So, if it's not there, you know they delete their bad reviews, which is believable since mine is the only one)

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Get What You Are Paying For, Long Support Response Time, High Pings

The support service for this host is really poor. Getting responses to tickets usually took anywhere from 2 hours to 24 hours and sometimes I would have to ask for an update a week later. Not to mention the GUI panel doesn't work 100% of the time...I've got a few tickets that I opened a few a weeks ago and after giving me generic troubleshooting steps that I've obviously already tried before finally getting a response...tickets are still open and servers can't update to be useful. The only good thing however is the UI panel does automatically update mods and and the game fairly quickly in one shot, that is when it's working of course. The FTP client is functional and fast as well, but sort of a pain to have to completely go to a new browser tab to access it, faster to just connect through FileZilla. The server performance is not all that great either. Since moving to a competitor host, performance has been about 5x better with pings rates really low internationally for players. Ping rates have been essentially reduced by 50% for all players since moving away from Survival Servers and less lag reports from players. Additionally our support tickets have been answered within 5-10 minutes, at most 30 minutes. Survival Servers is good for the money you pay for, but you get what you pay for. :)

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Best support ever,

SurvivalServers, have the best support. Server have no lag. Server never crash.

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Go SurvivalServers!

Server has been running great since day 1. Go SurvivalServers!

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Brilliant ARK host :3

I'm a bit late to the ARK hype but i'm totally glued to the game. After playing for an un godly amount of time on other people's servers I decided it was time to take my gaming to the next level with my own server. Having had some experience with servers in the past I was pretty clear on what I wanted. A server with minimal hassle as it really is a “Pain in the ***” and I just want to play rather than mess about with the backend business. Luckily they have been able to help me out on a number of occasions and my server as been more or less running smoothly since day one.

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Great service

I have a server since June and I must say that everything is great. If you open a ticket, the staff usually answers in a few minutes. The performance is great. I would say that this is one of the best server's hosting services.

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Reliable service

I am quite happy with the service that Survival Server is providing. I have set up servers with them on two occasions and on both accounts they were up and running within 15 min. The set of tools and options provided on the site are invaluable for any server owner. I have never had lag or players dropping out of the servers. I can easily recommend Survival Server to anyone looking for a reliable service.

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It’s a breath of fresh air using a host that actually has their own custom control panel that has been designed with the user in mind. I don’t want to discredit people for using the Tcadmin panel but it makes a nice change being able to use a control panel that is way more flexible than the clunky default. I have used plenty of hosting companies over the last 5 years for a load of games including Counter strike, minecraft and ARK and have seen and experienced a lot of different companies in all shapes and sizes, but Survival servers are the only company that I have bothered to leave a review about as I feel that their is something special about this host. I will admit that they are expensive in some cases but the control panel and the hardware seems to more than make up for the costs. Everything has been running just fine on my 30 person ARK server and I have had no need to contact the support as they are pretty active on their twitter profile with outages to keep us updated of any problems that do get solved in a reasonable amount of time. If you have experience as an admin with a server then survival servers are definitely worth trying out as their hardware more than matches that of renting your own VDS. They also offer the ability to switch between normal ARK and Survival of the fittest with just a few clicks.

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Great host for unturned.

Great host for unturned. Was struggling to find a decent host after using many small unknown companies which is completely my own fault for trying to skimp on my budget. Not had any problems with them and they have been friendly enough when sorting any problems. Didn’t mind having my server branded as it saved me like $10. Nothing bad to report.

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Good Service, Poor Results

Server runs great and their help has been great. However Survivals Servers and Ark can't get on the same page about server listings which means your server won't be visible in the in game server browser. Not the best if you want a public server

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Ark Hosting Issues

Issues after issues... Constant rollbacks, invisible on Steam and Ark server sites. Lag spikes that cause 5-6 sec delays. Really disappointed so far. The game is Alpha but others servers are not having these problems, just ones hosted by Survival Servers.


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