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Minecraft Movie (2019)

With the constant success of Minecraft, it was only a matter of time for mojang and Microsoft to release a movie to churn out some more cash from the already booming Minecraft market. First they introduced toys and collectibles of your favorite mobs and characters, then they made a tell tale game series so it was only really a matter of time until the decided to add a movie to the growing collection of Minecraft collectibles.

What does this mean for Minecraft Server Hosting?

As for the hosting industry we predict that there will continue to be a steady increase in the amount of Minecraft servers that appear online with the continuing efforts to get Minecraft in front of a younger crowd that will then continue to both play the game, mod and buy merchandise. This is excellent news for hosts and retailers that are selling toys and servers. We all know that Minecraft isn’t going anywhere fast so buckle in and get on the Minecraft Hype.

When is it out?

According to many news sources the movie is set to be released on May 24th 2019 so make sure you save the date.

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