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Osiris: New Dawn is an open-world, survival game that has you crash landing on a distant planet and must find a way to survive. On this desolate location, setting up a new colony may be the only way to survive in this harsh environment, regardless on whether you bring a friend. Osiris has been updated recently and has plenty of little extras for players to enjoy, along with some news and whatnot teased here and there.

To kick things off, we’ve got a new hotfix that was released barely a day after the game’s latest update (which we’ll get into shortly) and the name of this latest hotfix is hotfix 0.1.170. This latest hotfix brings to the table plenty of different fixes of issues that needed to be addressed, such as the skill point/skill tree issue that meant players kept losing all of their experience and skills. There was also a black screen issue that’s rather self-explanatory; the Cryo Rifle was struggling to use the Cryo ammo properly and wasn’t actually working, but that is now resolved; Worms now appropriately spawn on Proteus; and the Shovel, Cryo Rifle, and Cobalt-Assault Rifle can now be repaired.

A great new inclusion to Osiris is The Rise of Zer update, that brings plenty of “shiny new toys” as the developers coins it. In this latest update there’s an inclusion of a brand-spanking new planet called Zer, that is both incredibly hot and locked by the tide. On Zer there are some new resources exclusive to that planet that go by the name of Zirconium and Cobalt, but alongside these there are new refined resources and they are called Cubic Zirconia, Zirconium Plate, Z-Board, and Cobalt Ingot.

To keep things exciting, the develop has added 5 new terrifying creatures into the game that go by the names, Magma Demon, Hell Hound, Cerberus, Meduzoid, and Igneopod. There isn’t much in the terms of new weaponry, but there are now Cobalt gun variants for most weapons that have a 25% increase of durability, and the Cryo Rifle and its respective ammo (Cryo Ammo) has been included into the game.

Something that the devs have been teasing for quite some time now is the inclusion of attachments that can be added to a player’s suit that end up improving different statistics, depending on what you decide to equip onto your suit. To finish things off, we’ve got a couple of new utilities, starting off with the Advanced Anti-Personnel Turret that does fire at a slower rate, but does twice as much damage as the standard turret. There is also the Z-Shield and is the improved version of the electro-dome and actually glows red instead of blue, for no real reason whatsoever, other than it looks nice.

Last but not least for The Rise of Zer update, we’ve got some new pieces of furniture that can be placed inside of your colony, starting with the Advanced Fabricator which provides faster fabricating than the standard model. Next up is the Advanced Chem Station that is faster at crafting chemicals than the standard version, as can be assumed from the name; then we’ve also got the Repair Bench, which can repair the durability of damaged weapons and tools and thus ends the news and updates for Osiris: New Dawn, which brought along plenty of content for new players and veterans of the game to sink their teeth into.

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