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PUBG is easily one of the most played games on Xbox One and PC so far this year and for good reason. The developers have been consistently adding new and great content for players. Recently, a new map was released alongside the 1.0 update for the game.

PUBG Desert Map

The new desert map in PUBG is a total opposite from the lush green landscape of the original map. This map is located in Central America and Mexico. Miramar, the maps name, features very dense urban areas and industrial terrain. Buildings are much taller, which add another dimension to the paranoia players experience when not behind cover. Now, you can be surrounded on all sides, but snipers pose a greater threat as well. There are at least eight major cities featured, and all have their own unique buildings and terrain that affect strategies. Los Leones is the largest city and the skyline is filled with tall buildings, a City Center, and many construction sites. All of these are fully explorable and contain loot.


New Weapons

A decent amount of new weapons were added with the release of this update, and some are exclusive to the Miramar map. The Winchester, R45, and Sawed-Off Shotgun are examples of this. The Winchester is a rifle much like those seen in western movies along with the Sawed-Off Shotgun. The R45 is a revolver of sorts and packs a huge punch despite it only being a handgun.


New PUBG Mechanics

The newest mechanics added to PUBG are vaulting, and the ability to climb on top of certain surfaces. This allows for players to move more quickly and often times more stealthily to avoid enemy players. Additionally, it allows players to get to vantage points that are ideal for sniping, or scoping out the area before travelling across an empty field.

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