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Ylands is a bright and colourful sandbox, adventure game that allows the player the chance to explore their creativity in a polygonal setting that’s fun and friendly for all to participate in. The developers behind this game is Bohemia Interactive, the same team behind the Arma series – if you can believe it! Currently available on Steam’s Early Access service on PC, the game regularly sees new updates and announcements as the development of the game goes on, with some of the latest being reported as follows.

To kick things off with the latest and most uninteresting update for the game was released on 20/12/2017 and fixed a few minor issues, such as warning messages overflowing beyond screen borders and they’ve also fixed an issue where some objects could not be crafted in multiplayer.

Protection Barrier Generator

With the update one day before, however, there was a brand-new item that made playing the game online with complete strangers considerably less stressful that goes by the name of the “Protection Barrier Generator.” This new item has a number of different advantages whilst active and can cause easier adjustments to already built structures and have them being protected from other players, but more importantly, there’s the addition of keeping your character safe when you log off inside of it for the night, making leaving the game that day much safer of an endeavour. At any point you stray too far from the Protection Barrier Generator, you will be warned that you won’t be safe outside of the barrier.

Other than through the inclusion of this new barrier, Ylands hasn’t had too much added to it in the last couple of weeks with one of its biggest updates so far being released back in 04/12/2017. One of Ylands biggest updates brought some new settings visuals, several UI panels recoloured to match the new colour scheme that the game has going on, along with a compass being shown whenever sailing on a boat, ship or raft. Further on in this update we’ve got the permissions to sleep on steeper surfaces, the amount of spawning flints was increased, matchstick is now a one-use lighter, feeding fuel to an engine is instant, and recipes for a wooden bow, iron bow, and flippers have been implemented into the game.

A few more additions to this update was the predator’s aggression has been reduced, but will slowly grow once again over the first three day; new topics have been included for the Codex; you can now use a coal basket to charge a steam engine with its contents; the terraformer has proper hints included with it now, and some general localisation attempts have been made. They aren’t perfect, but they are slowly being implemented into the game to make it available to a wide range of players around the world.

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