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We have assembled a mammoth list of popular Minecraft mods. The game is made much better with mods and custom skins. These mods can be found all around the web so we wont link as they are getting updated constantly.

JoeGaming ModPack

joegaming modpackr server hostingJoeGaming ModPack was created as a teaching platform for the creator Joe who has a Let’s Play Series on Youtube. The intention of the mod is to help players learn of to play Minecraft. Joe has various tutorials focusses on teaching and explaining different mods for the game.

You should be able to download this mod pack here.


cauldron server hostingCauldron was created to give Minecraft players the ability to add both mods and plugins to their server at the same. Many hosts are offering this feature as a 1 click install to help novice players. Unfortunately Cauldron is no longer available for download. Most players have to go through the Minecraft server hosting companies to apply the jar.

Bo Buddy Bunkers

bo buddy bunkers server hostingBo Buddy Bunkers is set in a post apocalyptic Minecraft world that is now nothing but ruins. However it was once a world that thrived with technology and science. You are now forced to scavenge the wastelands for food and materials to survive in this harsh environment.

As your travel the lands you will need to create new and powerful weapons. You also need equipment to help you fight against the monsters of this cruel world. Will you be able to rebuild the old legacy and help restore the world to its former glory?

You can download the latest Bo Buddy Bunkers pack from this website by clicking that link.


sponge server hostingSpongeForge was created to allow the community to create mods a lot easier with the open source framework. SpongeForge was created after several developers were unhappy with other mod plugins such as Bukkit and tekkit. 95% of all plugins that are made with the the sponge API will work with all versions of Minecraft. This includes different Minecraft mod versions and vanilla. Sponge makes it a lot easier for players to deploy plugins with ease. Destroying mods is a lot easier to manage/admin your own server without having them clash. The sponge plugin has recently re-branded itself to SpongeForge.

You can find the latest download files for the modpack here.

The Crafting Dead

The crafting dead server hostingEver wonder what Minecraft would look like if you added zombies? Well look no further as The Crafting Dead mod is the perfect experience for zombie fans. It was inspired by the hit TV series The Walking Dead. The Crafting dead will have you running from swarms of zombie hordes as you strive to survive in this horror adventure. The mod adds tons of new items including guns and a wide range of weapons that you will need to use to fend of the hordes.

Find the latest files for this mod on this page.

Void World

void world server hostingA simple plugin for Minecraft that works with Bukkit to create a completely empty world (hence the name Void). This is to make it simpler for creators of massive worlds to start a fresh. This is quite a serious players mod so think carefully before going ahead with it! Due to its simplicity the plugin is very unlikely to come into problems like other plugins tend to when the official game or Bukkit is updated.

The Minecraft mod can be found on this page.

YogCraft Modpack

yogscraft mod server hostingLaunching from the Feed The Beast mod, YogCraft Modpack was created by the popular YouTube series YogCraft. YogCraft combines many gameplay mods that further extend Minecraft more than simply adding new blocks.

Economy and competitive gameplay additions are found withing YogCraft to turn Minecraft into a completely new game far away from the sandbox genre it fills in at its core.

For the latest news and downloadable files for YogCraft check out this page.

Vanilla Plus

vanilla plus server hostingVanilla Plus is an attempt by its creators to simply add to Minecraft the features that seem like they should be there but just aren’t. Its a huge frustration to collect certain resources only to find they don’t blend to make what you would assume would combine to create a usable tool or potion.

A list of the great additions to the game brought by Vanilla Plus are available on the official wiki to browse through. This is a great mod for Minecraft if you really enjoy the game, want a bit more from it but don’t want to go all in and change the core of the game too much.

Why oh why weren’t Ruby and Scuba Gear included in the original game??!!

For the hub of news and download concerning Vanilla Plus check out this page.


trident server hostingTrident for Minecraft is a very PVP centric mod to help create fast paced action filled servers for those who are less about the sandbox and more about the kill. The mod also includes Fastcraft to help speed up the game to keep things moving along quickly for when the players need to make quick decisions.

Trident runs on the Feed The Beast platform so ensure your server host has this support before ordering.

For the downloadable files and latest news click here.

FTB Ultimate

When first released, the Ultimate pack from Feed The Beast was the biggest mod pack around and contained 45 different gameplay modes to take Minecraft not only to another level but to a different universe.

Some of the coolest additions to the game include the ComputerCraft mod pack which gives users the additional computer and peripherals blocks that are completely usable. There is even a simple programming language for the geek in you to let loose and program in game. You can even use the programming abilities to make self drivable mining equipment, go nuts!

Check out the features in this modpack for yourself here.


unleashed server hostingUnleashed is the successor to the Feed The Beast Ultimate pack it adds both new core  features as well as non-core features to the Minecraft game. The list of additions are huge and can be found on the official wiki page. Notable additions damage indicators, economic/trade tools and weaponry.

The Unleashed pack for Minecraft was released in 2013 and is still going strong. Even to this day several hosts provide ready to run server hosting at competitive prices.

For the hub page with downloads and mod news click here.

TolkienCraft II

A huge mod pack for Minecraft, TolkienCraft II completely bends your game into Middle Earth. Many people dream of being in the Lord Of The Rings movies so this is perfect for them. Freely available from the official site,  the mod adds new features and resources.  Experience the ultimate LOTR game with NPCs added and structures too. Expect to see Frodo and the rest of the gang occupying these lands.

FTB Lite 2

ftb lite 2 server hostingFeed The Beast Lite 2 was created to be run on smaller server hosting packages with a minimum recommendation of 1 GB of RAM. FTB Lite 2 itself contains just 30 mods. This is to compress the RAM usage making it ideal for user playing on older machine or laptops. The main feature is that gamers have access to a full tech tree while maintaining performance in order to avoid lag.

You can find the latest files and news here.


hubris server hostingMinecraft Hubris mod-pack is based on the mod Thaumcraft with the intention of its negative effect, Taint. The Mod itself drops the players in to a mystical world where they take on the role of a mage. This mage is entrusted with the task of protecting the last of the pure magic. This is after a cult of evil mages have used their magic to corrupt the world, creating Taint. With the world now in chaos the Powerful mage must stop the evil and restore the land to its once peaceful state.

See the official wiki page for Hubris using this link.

Blood N Bones

blood n bones server hostingBlood N Bones is a third party Minecraft Mod with just one hardcore feature in mind! This mod was made with a hardcore survival theme that will push players to their limits. You must survive in this new and strange world against many perils that await anyone that dares to jump into the world. Though the game is intended for hardcore mode the mod allows you change the difficult level. Casual gamers are able to play with a more laid back feel to it.

Find the latest news and downloadable files for this mod here.

Agrarian Skies 2

Agrarian Skies 2 Hardcore Quest server hostingAgrarian Skies 2 allows you to choose 9 different maps including Default SMP, Boni (Normal), SkyLords and All the remain. Agrarian Skies 2 was originally a skyblock quest pack. It is now its own mod that you can add to any server as part of the Feed the Beast mod packages. Players will need to follow the magically quest book and rebuild their world from the ground up starting with barely any resources. Agrarian Skies 2 will completely change the way you play Minecraft. The mod drops you in a new and unexplored world that pushes Minecraft to the boundaries.

Find the modpack and its latest updates here.


bytesize server hostingBytesize is a mod created for the ATLauncher mod pack. It as developed to help new and inexperienced players learn about mods and how to apply them to their Minecraft servers. This is a great modpack that will really help you can the most out of your server if you are still trying to learn what you have to do. (Please note: it is not advised for players with older computers/laptops to use all the optional mods)

Find the latest Bytesize news and files here.

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