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Dark and Light is a brand-new game from the developers over at Snail Games USA. The concept for the game is a vast sandbox, survival RPG set in an epic-fantasy land, not unlike the Elder Scrolls series. Currently available on Steam and its Early Access platform, the game has regular news and updates being released for it on a regular basis and these are just a few of some of the latest updates and news announcements for the game as of late.

To kick things off we’ve got the basic Dark and Light bug fixes that have come about during the Christmas period. These obviously haven’t fixed all of the problems that the game has developed, but it definitely has made the game more playable and less of a frustration to enjoy with how many bug fixes have been coming the game’s way recently. For the update that was released on the 28/12/2017, they have been some updates and general optimisations towards the game, such as the loading of items inside of Blackice Peaks and Scalding Abyss being optimised to improve the overall experience. There are also some new images for the loading screen; the bonfire has had its description updated; distances have been adjusted in which some objects will load into the game; and diamonds are now required to craft Soulbound Scrolls.

Model Updates

Following on from that update the previous week on the 21/12/2017, there’s plenty more general fixes here and there for the game, alongside some more updates to the game in terms of general optimisation. Hair models have been changed for some of the Elven male NPC’s; there is now audio for the Rune of Quenching, which is a nice addition; animations for the Crossbow have been updated and adjusted, making it look more natural when you do them. When it comes to the Ice Imp, there body size has been reduced to make them easier to hit and more “impish” and the Polymorph spell that’s been creating problems for player’s optimised experience has been updated so that it’s less taxing on the system and is a lot smoother from start to finish.

Wrap Up With The Fireside

Something that could be construed as an official “hint” to where the player’s will be going next in the Dark and Light world has been revealed in the developer’s end of year wrap up with the Fireside. In this it has some of the developers talking about the game and it’s progress for the year and one small sneak peek at where the game could be taking you to next. While they haven’t outright said a name, they hope to “take flying to the next level” and that indicates some work on the flying in the game to take place and that adventures might very well be taking to the skies; we’re going to need to wait and see on that one, however.

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