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Life is Feudal: MMO is a progressively improving MMO from the Life is Feudal team and is currently available on Steam’s Early Access platform. While the game may have a few glaring bugs here and there, the groundwork for the game is definitely there and the developers have shown some penchant for improving and making the game more stable with each new bug fix that comes its way; starting off with some of the latest news or updates that have come to the game as of late.

Seemingly the perfect way to start things off, we’ll go with one of the older updates and that comes in the form of Dev News 88, which is designed to be an improvement on the already existing weapon system and combat. Effectively, each swing of a blade has different damage nodes on the animation, causing certain damage procs and effects to happen depending on where they hit and with the inclusion of the updated weapon system, these nodes have been moved around somewhat to ensure that they react a little more realistically.

Bug Fixes

On 27th January 2018, the game received another simple patch that added a few features and tweaks here and there, but nothing too major. To begin with, gathering plant fibre now grants a random amount of fibre per gathering action, rather than just the one, and the same goes for the sling ammunition. Then of course, we’ve got some bug fixes and general optimisations to attest to for the game.

Resource Gathering

With the next major addition to the game in the form of Dev News 89, a new system for gathering resources and herbs has made the whole aspect of gathering for a lot of the game considerably easier and less cumbersome overall. With this latest change, it allows for the gathering skill to level up and improve a lot faster, something that used to be considerably more tedious in previous builds of the games and warranted a change for quite some time.

Domesticated Animal Deeds

Last but not least/the most up to date of them all, we have Announcement 141, which focuses on a few tweaks and changes here and there that improve the game in a few simple ways. Starting off, we’ve got updated tooltips for domesticated animal deeds, the chance to die of old age is now lower for higher quality animals, and max age and fertility of the bred animal no longer depends on its quality. As well as a few more changes and tweaks here and there, the game has plenty more bug fixes and general optimisations to keep the game up and running to a decent standard. Even though the game isn’t exactly perfect as of right now, the developers are definitely progressively getting there with each new update that comes Life is Feudal: MMO’s way.

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