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Space Engineers is one of those special survival games that is less about killing everything inside, whether it is human or not and more about understanding the complex systems that revolve around the game and make the necessary changes to your environment to see how far you can progress into the depth of the game. While it is yet another game currently in Steam’s Early Access platform, it is one of the few titles that’s constantly being updated and worked upon and with the following changes and updates you can really see where that is.

February Updates

Released on the 2nd February 2018, Space Engineers received one of its biggest overhauls to the overall game in the form of visuals, audios, and even wheels. So much has changed in the game since its original release and the developers have made sure to bring the game up-to date with its visuals as best as possible with the resources at its disposal, and the majority of this overhaul proves that first and foremost.

In terms of particles, the developers implemented a brand-new GPU particle engine, which allows for richer looking particles, without the hit to your PC’s optimisation. These changes are designed to allow for more particles to be on screen, without the player having to worry about their PC at any point, which is a nice addition.

Visual Updates

When it comes to the visual side of things, they’ve messed around with the lighting to make it more dynamic depending on the light source, rather than a linear design; even the suits now have proper glare and general light settings that weren’t originally the case for this one. Glares in general have been very much improved and the high dynamic range of colours and lights has been vastly improved, allowing for a vastly superior contrast between dark and light sources.

Looking at the models, many of which have been improved to look less blocky and 2-dimensional and to look more like something out of a AAA game, despite the game’s indie status. Fire particles have been changed into proper flame effects, rather than this strange, orange effect that the game had been stuck with for a while.

Space Engineers Audio Update

In terms of the audio, Space Engineers has tweaked and changed much of its audio but has included one major change that sci-fi fanatics are bound to love and that is realistic audio mode. Sound doesn’t work in space like it does in a Hollywood movie and this mode is the closest we’ve got to a video game replicating the way sound would work if you were truly stuck up in space.

As a whole, this new overhaul has pretty much taken the entire game and improved on every single aspect of it to bring it to an updated standard and make it just that little bit more realistic and a lot more enjoyable for 2018, despite the game originally being released in 2013 – now that’s something you don’t see everyday.

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