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Stationeers is a very newly released space, sandbox title that can be played by yourself or with a couple of friends to help take part in your adventures. In the game you can build your very own space station, spaceship, explore different planets and asteroids, and harvest any and all resources that you can get your hands on to bring your space station up to snuff. Even though the game is still pretty new in Early Access on Steam, the developers over at RocketWerkz already have announced some more news and updates for the players to wait and sink their teeth into.

Just barely 2 days after the game was available to the public, a brand-new update was released for the game that added a few new additions that both improved the quality of life for the game, along with the overall interest for it. First of all, there was the multiplayer browser update that now allows players to search for that perfect server or one your friend has set up, but you just can’t manage to find – making everyone’s lives easier in the long run. Another inclusion to Stationeers was a new tool that goes by the name of the “Labeller” which allows you to rename any item that you click on with it, giving you the chance to name it something ridiculous or incredibly helpful, depending on how you use it. More importantly, however, there’s the new “Tool Manufactory” which means suits, wrenches, weapons, tracker beacons, tools, and so much more can now be crafted; providing that you have the appropriate resources at the time.

Nearly a week later, there was another small update for the game that fixed a bunch of different bugs and added some quality of life changes generally, but did include some niche additions to the game as a whole as well. First and foremost, there are new ore deposit models that have been worked into the game and while they don’t change anything in the form of gameplay, they do look a fair amount nicer than the previous models – however, they are supposedly still being tweaked and worked on, so they might change a little more over the coming weeks.

LED Displays

One of the more major additions to this latest update is the inclusion of LED displays that work in coherence with the logic system to display any values that you have created. At first it seems like a minor change, but it really does make the use of the logic system a lot easier, considering you can now see what the outcome is for it before you’ve even finishes. Despite this, though, the developer has stated that logic systems prior to this update might need updating to work properly.

In terms of future updates, RocketWerkz are relatively quiet at the time of writing, but considering how regular they are with their updates, there’s no real reason for them to announce something that gets released into the game after a few short hours of being revealed – so who knows what the next update could be, but it’s bound to be something interesting!

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