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Here at CompareGameHosting we come across a lot of websites, products and services that we have an opinion of. Obviously not all of the are great, some are down right terrible. We felt it would be a good idea to start writing reviews based on our own experiences to help others.

Especially when it comes to game server hosting we feel we have the experience required to pass on to others. We have run multiple game hosting companies in the past before our team worked on a comparison site for the industry. The game hosting world is a cut throat market full of interesting characters and practices that would make your skin crawl. This was the inspiration for moving into creating a comparison site in the first place. We believed that bringing all of the companies into one platform with the prices, reviews and features would be massively beneficial to millions of people worldwide.

So now after years and years of perfecting our comparison site we have decided to move slightly in another direction. Adding reviews for other game hosting, gaming, web hosting and other internet based products seems like the logical next step. We hope to add guides and reviews to this section that are not available elsewhere. If the information is available elsewhere then we hope that our well researched topics are of use to people.

Our Reviews

This is our list of areas we want to review, if we have not yet finished a subject it will say. We will continue to add to this list as we think of more and more interesting subjects that could do with explaining or reviewing.

game hosting control panel - Reviews & Guides

Game Hosting Control Panels

The most important subject that we feel needs a unified hub is game hosting control panels. We reference them all over this website and they are the back bone to the game server hosting company. Choosing the wrong one can lead to an extremely weak foundation to a GSP and lead to them providing a terrible service. We speak about the options available to game hosting companies and how the contend with each other.

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minecraft control panel - Reviews & Guides

Minecraft Hosting Control Panels

Very similar to the previous review but focused purely on Minecraft hosting control panels. Several companies decided that the game needed its own custom control panel as the tasks required to run a Minecraft server can be a lot different from normal games. We speak about the different control panels that you can expect to find your Minecraft server hosted on when you rent from a GSP.


billing control panels - Reviews & Guides

Billing Control Panels

Once a game hosting company has a platform for hosting games they need a way to charge customers. The choice of billing control panels that can be used are quite extensive but most of the companies that we work with tend to go with the same. The winning panel has evolved over the years a lot more than the others but require a monthly subscription fee or a large one off payment with yearly update fees.


esports websites - Reviews & Guides

Esports Websites

The Esports industry has exploded over the last 5 years and many people are jumping into it to make money. With so many people exploring the opportunities in this new market we have investigated and presented the facts. Many gamer’s dream of being able to live the high life of big earnings while playing games and being in the lime light.


youtube sponsorship - Reviews & Guides

YouTube & Twitch Sponsorship Websites

The job that most school kids nowadays say they want to do when they grow up is become a YouTube celebrity. With so many people trying to do this it has become harder even with a massive demand in new content. To make this career a success you need to find sponsorship so that you can bring in the revenue needed to fund content creation.



Do you need some help with your shopping for game hosting? Our guides should make the whole process of choosing a provider much easier.

game server hosting guide servers - Reviews & Guides

Game Server Hosting Guide

This simple article was put together by the CompareGameHosting team to help people shopping for game servers. The whole industry is a maze of companies and offerings that it gets a bit crazy with choice. We discuss some key terms as well which should make things clearer plus we talk about the way this website works. With plenty of case study examples it should make for some easy reading.

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making money from game servers 1 - Reviews & Guides

Making Money From Game Servers Guide

Something that may interest a lot of games is the concept of making money from game servers. Being able to turn your passion into a profession is like a dream come true and in this guide we speak about how you can go about fulfilling it.

There is a crazy amount of content and ideas alongside case studies to help you better understand what it is we are trying to explain.

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free minecraft server hosting

Free Modded Minecraft Server Hosting Guide

If you are a bit low on cash but still want a Minecraft server with modding enabled you will really benefit from reading this guide. We talk about the available server providers that have a free package that you can take advantage of.

The article is updated regularly so the content may change

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Ark Server GuideHow to Find the Perfect ARK: Survival Evolved Server Hosting Company

Looking for an Ark server for you and your clan? Then our guide on choosing the perfect solution is definitely worth a read.

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rust server hosting

RUST Beginners Guide

Want to know the best way to get started in RUST? Check out this guide with information contained for setting up your own server.

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