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Avorion is a procedurally generation co-op space, sandbox title where players get to build their own spaceships as they see fit from a vast array of different blocks and block types. Similar to many other sandbox games, it takes a lot of resource gathering, exploring, and space battles to achieve the ultimate ship in this game, but the best ship in the game all comes down to your imagination at the end of the day. With the game being one of the more interesting Early Access titles on Steam in quite some time, here’s some of the latest news and updates that have been announced for the game in the coming weeks.

Combat Update

To start things off, we’ve got the latest combat updates for the game (which has simply been named “Combat Update”) and is set to bring some great new changes to the overall combat experience in the game that it’s certainly needed. Other than the normal bugfixes that come with every patch, this new Avorion update is designed to try and make the combat more interesting and enjoyable for the player. What they are adding is some high-cost but high-risk weapons, such as the Torpedo which is designed to deal significant amount of damage with a high range, but can be shot down by someone with good accuracy.

Something that was announced the last news update was these new specialised ships (for the AI) that would typically have one particular strength and will try to aim for your weak point on the ship that you’re using, requiring the player to focus on who is attacking them at the time. Not only this, but there’s aims to improve the specialised weapons in the game to give them a more specific role, so you actually know what to expect with every weapon that you equip onto your ship.

Along these lines, the developer has also announced that they are going to add some quality of life changes, such as being able to control your ships more easily when they are far away. On top of this, you’ll also going to be able to give orders from different ships throughout the game. This mean you aren’t going to need to swap to another ship in another sector, after going through a painfully slow loading screen just to give it one simple command to move a little further away.

This first part is only one segment of the “Combat Update” and the developer has already revealed some of their ideas for the second part of this update, like addressing more issues that affect the visuals. There are even opportunities to appreciate player-created turret visuals for your ship to use as you see fit, but none of this currently has an official release date; so we’re simply going to have to wait and play it by ear for the time being, until the update release date is revealed or the update finally hits the game’s servers.

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