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CS:GO had a few updates in December of 2017 and all of them were significant in one way or another.

12/1/2017 update:

  • Bomb plant and defuse sounds are more audible when sound inclusion is turned on
  • Exploit that allowed ambient sounds to be disabled was fixed and no longer causes issue.
  • SSE4 optimizations for string tables were added once again
    The “find” console command now allows multiple search strings

12/19/2017 update:

  • Eleague Boston 2018 championship updates include team stickers, graffiti, and stickers autographed by professional players are now available to be purchased in-game from the community on Steam, or from the Mega bundle on Steam. Half of the earnings go to support players and their organizations for the championship in 2018
  • Gifts were made available for a limited time during the holiday season, along with Holiday cheer being deployed for festive fragging
  • The shotgun spread model has been replaced which is off by default. To test this, it is available both offline and on community servers
  • Client crashes fix


  • Global General Ranked players who get their Service Medal will now see a preview of the medal BEFORE they receive it. This allows for players to see whether or not they will get an upgrade, or a new 2018 Service Medal which will start being used on January 1st.
  • Support for Ukrainian and Greek languages have been added including localization of Steam Community items related to CS:GO

Overall opinion:

While the updates released may not seem grand, they have helped tremendously with language barriers for Ukranian and Greek people, crashes, and offline play with friends. Also, the new content added to the steam store is exciting in itself since CS:GO players can never have enough stickers and graffiti.

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