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Now if your anything like myself and the rest of the Minecraft community, chances are you would have searched for free Minecraft server hosting or Free Modded Minecraft Server Hosting right? We have all been short a couple dollars or our parents wont let us use the family card to buy a $5 a month Minecraft server subscription, which means we have to play offline.. which nobody likes. But hopefully I can shine a light on the «Free» minecraft hosting and if it is the real deal. Now I have tried a few «Free» hosting companies in the past and everything seems to be running smoothly for the first hour or two while we are running on low specs with less then 3 players, however once you start to invite more of your friends you are going to run in to some problems on these «FREE» servers as most of them only allow you a limited 256MB of ram, which is just enough to run a Vanilla server with 2 people if your lucky!

So where does «Free Modded Minecraft Server Hosting» come in to this you are asking? Well think of it this way if you are running a «free» minecraft server with only 256MB of ram there is no way that you are going to be able to run any mods on this server, without getting more ram and this is where the catch comes in! Is upgrading the server free.. No! Now these «free» hosts have turned in to premium hosts in which you now have to provide your paypal or credit details in order to progress on your server and upgrade your service. The term «Free Modded Minecraft Server Hosting» itself doesn’t even exist as I haven’t been able to find a single «free» server that could support any mods on it even with 1 person on the server.

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If your looking for advice on how to run a server yourself without having to pay then you are best of trying to run the server yourself on your own computer as you will be less restricted and you will learn how to fully control your own server and admin a Minecraft server properly which will help you in the long run. The best place to find out how to set up your own Minecraft server is Youtube! Their are plenty on tutorials on there are plenty of tutorials on there that will show you have to get a Minecraft server set up using your own desktop computer. Setting up a Minecraft isnt even that hard to be fair and if you follow the below content you should be up and running in no time it really is so simple.

Minecraft server Hosting Set Up Guide:

Minecraft server Hosting Set Up Guide:

If you struggle to set up a Minecraft server hosting of your own be sure to check out our Minecraft server hosting list, which will help you find a cheap server that will offer free support and even help install mods for free on your paid server.

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