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Dark Messiah is another game in the Might and Magic series, released on PC in 2006. The games developer Arkane Studios known for their classic RPG games had high hopes for this game. With the addition of a second release of this on Xbox 360. Arkane Studios struggled to find a publisher for this game after they failed to deliver on Arx Fatalis 2, which was suppose to be the sequel to a very successful first game, but they fell short of the mark.

After struggling, Arkane were finally approached by Ubisoft know for fantasy games. Ubisoft took on the role of publishing the game for them which led to what would be a very popular release at the time. This was due to the fact that they wanted Arkane Studios to apply their Arx Fatalis engine to Might and Magic. Which proved to be a very successful move, creating a game with a great dynamic first person aspect.

Game AI

The most notable thing that the game is known for is the incredible hard AI enemies. Although there are fewer in game enemies and more a focus on exploring the world. Each enemy feels like a boss character in its on right, making combat very tactical in nature. This means that players will have to spend a lot of time crafting the ultimate character. Because the game wants to test players and their abilities throughout the game. Which means you will have to focus on the advanced skill tree that follows 3 main skills:

  • Combat, which focuses on the advancement of a players strength and defence. Players wishing to create a warrior or tank should focus on these skills instead of the others.
  • Magic, which is for players that would rather take a long distance approach. Choosing to defeat enemies with powerful magic rather than brute strength.
  • Miscellaneous, which focuses more on a thief or rouge type character. Taking enemies out with stealth and cunning from the shadows. The choice is of course up to the player, but all skills have their pros and cons in this game.


Unknown to many players, the game actually also offers a multiplayer feature. This feature consists of two game modes including team battles and an arena one on one. In team battles players must choose a predefined class and spend points on that skill tree. Developers explained that this was stuck in the game to balance players out and make it fair. Players were sad about this, because they were unable to use their characters online. Which for many seemed like a wasted opportunity to make the game a lot better. One on One also follows the same restricted character selection. Although players can bet XP on fights they watch, which they can apply to their main character. So there are some benefits to playing online.

Although the game has aged over time, it is still considered by many as one of the better Might and Magic games. With many players still playing online according to steam charts.

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Dark Messiah DLC & Mods

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Dark Messiah Mods

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