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Minecraft has set itself apart from many other games throughout history as the pure king of not only replay-ability but also sheer number of players. It seems everybody has played Minecraft at some point and has gone through the phase of being stuck to the screen digging downwards into a magma filled cave discovering a cache of diamonds.

The game itself does not have to stay as intended by the original creators Mojang, a simple 8 bit graphics sandbox game. You can easily add texture packs and mods to the game. Texture packs change the appearance of the blocks and items on your own personal device that you are running the game from and mods affect the core functionality of the game. Due to the mods having a large affect on rules and gameplay they are administered at the server level when playing multiplayer rather than locally like textures.

Most Popular Minecraft Mods This Month

1. Tinkers Construct (386,109 Downloads This Month)

An awesome mod for melting metals and forging new tools and weapons. This mod brings with it some awesome other additions like the ability to place tools and weapons down for retrieving later. Tinkers Construct brings with it some new crafting tables as well as smelters and other industrial blocks.

2. NotEnoughItems (322,458 Downloads This Month)

The biggest advantage of this mod is that it makes it easier to manage other mods that may be getting clogged up in your vanilla MineCraft installation.

3. CodeChickenCore (303,223 Downloads This Month)

Provides a central management system for the ChickenBones mods which are massively popular right now

4. JourneyMap (294,167 Downloads This Month)

A high tech mapping solution for your Minecraft game. It spectacularly maps your game right in front of you in-game and you can even plug it into a web browser and view it from there!

5. Mantle (293,877 Downloads This Month)

A central management system for the Forge mods available on GitHub.

6. Waila (283,505 Downloads This Month)

Waila stands for «What Am I Looking At» and provides a simple tooltip for the blocks in game so you can recognize what block it is you are dealing with to correctly choose the tool you need to deal with it.

7. COFH (280,821 Downloads This Month)

Another multi-mod management platform but this time for Team CoFH mods.

8. Extra Utilities (237,284 Downloads This Month)

Some extremely basic but important additions are included in Extra Utilities such as pipes by a new modder to game. This mod is massively popular thanks to what seems like features that should have been included in the original game. Definitely worth an install.

9. Inventory Tweaks (234,868 Downloads This Month)

Some simple additions to the game which seem like common sense. One thing Inventory Tweaks does is auto replace tools as they break from within your inventory, really useful!

10. Thermal Expansion (229,324 Downloads This Month)

A great expansion for adding more metals and ores into your Minecraft game as well as new processes and techniques for industrial manipulation.


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