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ROKH allows you the opportunity to be stranded on the red planet of Mars, but that doesn’t result in a safe area of survival at any point, that’s for sure. Throughout the game’s continued development, it has regularly seen plenty of new content updates and even some news in regard to content updates that might be on their way, even though they’ve only been teased at the moment. As of right now, ROKH has had one final release for 2017 and the developer is currently working on another one that’s set to be released for early 2018.

Before we delve into the teasing of the game’s next major update, we’re going to look into the update that was released back on the 24th November 2017 and what came along with this. As reported in their Steam updates, we’ve got some generalised bug fixes that prevent the game from crashing when a player chooses to resume playing after spending a large amount of time in the server lobby. On top of this, there’s a bug fix for a crash that occurred after spending several minutes in the screen, as well as a bug that caused the game to crash when exploring the map, and the last bug to be fixed was the game freezing up when ever you “Alt + Tab” from the game, into another program.

Teased in their latest update was a list of additions that the team are hoping to bring to the game throughout the next few months, along with the rest of the year. Obviously, they’ve already stated that they’re putting plenty of resources into solving some of the game-breaking bugs that the game is somewhat plagued with in certain areas to make it much more of a playable experience for everyone involved, but that’s the least interesting of what was teased for fans of ROKH.

ROKH Vehicle Crafting

First of the teased features that the devs would like to add to the game is vehicle crafting, with two new craftable and customisable vehicles that allow for the opportunity to explore the further reaches of Mars, without walking for hours on end. Next up are more tile shapes to help build more elaborate bases with new shapes and sizes to truly create the base you’ve always wanted. There are also talks of a crafting tree to visually show players the path they need to follow to gain the items they would want or need to have the exact experience they want/expect from the game; creating a more streamlined experience for the game.

Resource Distribution In ROKH

Last but not least, there’s also the resources distribution scheme, which is set to be designed to create deep resource rules that reward exploration and experience. Players would be allowed to use this experience to understand where certain materials or resources may be found, because as of right now things are rather limited for the average player – at least for the time being anyway.

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