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It’s the Holiday season and Facepunch has acknowledged that in some of the most fun ways possible. Rust is now live with a temporary Christmas update that includes spawned gifts that include anything from candy to weapons, the sound of jingle bells to add some more holiday spirit, and of course some awesome Holiday Hats.

New Items

Some new Christmas items have been added and will change gameplay for the better this Holiday season. A new blueprint for a craft-able Christmas tree which can be fully decorated. To find ornaments and lights you can find them in presents, or trade other players for them.

Presents will be dropped to each player within approximately 40 meters of spawn and come in three sizes: small, medium, and large. If a player has enough small presents, they can be traded in for a medium one which will allow for better loot. The contents of each present will vary and there is no formula to get the best loot, but in any case, it is a fun way to get resources, weapons, candy, and maybe even coal if you have been naughty. Seriously!

Cosmetic items have been added to the Steam Store and allow players to go a little crazy with showing off their holiday spirit. A snowman, Christmas Door Wreath, and most importantly Christmas lights are available for purchase. Players can decorate their houses with Christmas lights, but this may not be the best idea if you are trying to remain hidden from other players. But who cares right, it’s Christmas!

Other Items

A new fireplace blueprint will become a common drop and while it is a Christmas item, the team at Facepunch are considering keeping it in the game forever. They say it is just a glorified campfire at this point, but has a larger range and offers more comfort. In the future they would like it to heat the entire house and any additions made to it. Furthermore, Christmas stockings can be hung over it to add to the overall Christmas aesthetic.

Furnace skins are said to be up and running from a previous mistake made by developers and three skins are currently available.
Building tiers have been changed, and the stats for Armor, Metal, and stone are as follows: Stone= 500 hp, Metal= 1000 hp, and Armoured=2000 hp.

Barricades can now be repaired using the hammer tool which is a nice update that will lower hassle for many players, especially when building their first shelter.

Animal behaviour is said to be more predictable and their actions won’t be as sporadic as they have been in the past few weeks.

Rust Christmas Update Summary

I am very excited to decorate my house with all the Christmas lights, and hope I don’t receive any coal in my presents; unless I’m running low of course!

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