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Squad is a 50 vs 50 mutliplayer FPS that combines the best of both worlds of Battlefield and CoD. Currently in development thanks to Offworld Industries, the game is slowly reaching its end state. Although, it may take some time before the game is finally complete, it’s regularly gaining more content bringing it that much closer to release. As of right now, the game has received some interesting content updates that are certainly worth mentioning.

Alpha 10

Considered as one of the biggest updates in the game for some time, we’ve got Alpha 10 to look at. To begin with, we’ve got some new gameplay changes and additions that really help smooth out the game in terms of its gameplay. One new addition that seemed missing from the game was being able to vault and climb over walls. By pressing the spacebar (default), your character will vault or climb over the wall. Crouch sprinting has also been added to the game, allowing you to sprint whilst crouched. While it may not be faster than sprinting, it is definitely quieter in most situations.

Transitioning from crouch to prone and vice versa was much too fast, something players could attest to. To give the game a more realistic touch, transitioning from one to another is now greatly reduced. This is to represent a speed you can expect and to prevent instantly going prone as an ideal strategy in so many instances. Staying on the trend of being prone, it’s now available for the player to lean whilst they are prone in-game.

In terms of animations, so many changes have been made to the game that it’s hard to list them all. All weapons and equipment have been redone from scratch, and so has weapon handling. More or less, if it relates to animations in anyway, it’s received a massive overhaul to improve the overall look and feel of the game.

Looking at the UI, the main menu has been completely redesigned from scratch. Server queueing is also much less intrusive now, and there’s even a music player in the main menu. With the audio there are some new weapon fire sounds, new weapon foley sounds, and even empty shells have an impact sound now. Also, depending on the surface you land on, you will get a different sound effect.

Last, but not least, the game has received a number of different bug fixes, many of which are for this patch. To be fair, with how much they added, it makes sense that they needed a follow up for some of the bug fixes.

The game is going to have a tough time with creating a bigger and better update in the future. Once they do, though, watch this space and you’ll be able to get the whole low down in that regard.

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