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This holiday season is chock full of games releasing updates to fit the spirit and weather of Christmas. Unturned has a new update that adds a new map and new content in update!

Festive Germany Map

A new map has been added for this Holiday season and it is by far my favorite Holiday map from any game to date. This map is a new addition, and is separate from the already existing Germany map that so many players love.

Snow storms have been added, and accumulation on roads and side walks is a really cool feature. Although it must be cold outside for snow, the weather will not affect body temperature and require players to find heat. This is super awesome since we all now how much of a pain it is to keep warm when scavenging for loot.

Snowmen have also been added and randomly appear where there is snow accumulation on the ground. They serve no real purpose, but are still a great addition to the Festive update.

Christmas lights have been added to already existing buildings and look great despite the fact that the lights themselves are in single string clusters. Pine trees have been added and don’t think that they won’t spawn on roads and mess up your driving route because they will! This is a fun way to change up gameplay and add some extra obstacles for players to avoid.

Christmas trees with decorations have also been spawned with full decorations and even some presents under them. The trees can be cut down for wood, but I left the ones I saw as they add greatly to the holiday experience. The presents can be opened by either shooting or hitting them.

Don’t expect much loot from the presents, but simple items like knives and hats have been found. In multiplayer this will add a new dynamic as players fight for the presents.

The decorations are mainly in the city of Berlin, and it is rare to see them elsewhere on the map. This is neat because players must make their way to Berlin to feel festive, and will be a hub for Christmas cheer, but also serves as a danger because of all the Scrooges out there looking to ruin the fun!

This update is simple and does not offer as many features as other games, but this is why I like it so much. Unturned has not gone over board with trying to make the game feel different, and the gameplay has not changed much from the update. I consider this a good thing since this blocky survival game is one of my favorites because of its awesome and consistent gameplay.

Author: Alex Booth

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