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Rust is a great little survival game that appeals to many different players and is constantly being updated by the developer. Despite being on Steam’s Early Access platform, it still has a large player base. Throughout the month of January, the developers have been putting plenty of work and effort into the game with a number of different development blogs for the community to sink their teeth into for some of the latest changes in the game.

January Rust Updates

To kick things off, we’ve got the update that came out on the 18th January 2018 and that is Devblog 194. With 194, they’ve added some new third person sounds that weren’t there to begin with, along with some sounds for both the flashlight and the binoculars, both of which needed updated sounds for the pair of them. A bunch of different items had their admire animations updated, such as the salvaged hammer, water bucket, flamethrower, wooden spear, and satchel charge, along with a few more as well. As well as all of this, small furnaces now emit heat, Jack O Lanterns can be picked up, and a brand-new Hazmat suit has been put into the game for players to enjoy; then of course there were some general bug fixes as well to go alongside all of this.

The update following this one was Devblog 195 and was released on the 25th January 2018 and what came along with this update were some new flare sounds, along with some third person sounds for all handheld water containers. Once again, some more admire animations came along in the form of the flare and the flashlight as well. In terms of small additions, there came 20 new tips, 25 loading screen tips, added eat and drink admin console commands, and plenty more fixes to keep the game from breaking with each new update with no real bug fixes of worth to be mentioned.

February 2018

Following the numerical trend these developers seem to be taking, Rust received another update on the 1st, February 2018 and was named Devblog 196. Like the previous updates, these haven’t added too much to the game, but has added enough to warrant mentioning, simply for players that don’t want to miss out on the latest updates. In terms of additions, we’ve got some new mini water well monuments and some rocks have been added to the hilltops and new admire animations have been implemented for the rock, AK47, double shotgun, eoka, MP5, and water bucket. For newer players, they have even been some more tutorials added to the game, so you can spend a little bit more time learning the ropes for the game, rather than running around aimlessly, hoping that you aren’t popped in the head right away.

Just like all of the previous updates, there are some more bug fixes to keep the game up and running, but other than that, that’s the latest the game has received as of right now.

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