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Why choose Affiliate Program?

Comparegamehosting’s affiliate program is as simple as putting a link on your website, Youtube channel, Twitch stream or Blog along with one of our huge range of banners in every size for almost every game. Any signup from any of the 50+ hosting sites that you refer will earn you revenue – it’s that simple! Unlike going direct to a host we significantly improve your chances of getting paid for your referrals and remove the effort of having to deal with loads of different hosts with an all in one affiliate program.




Use Twitch to promote Comparegamehosting with the use of banners, links or in game adverts. It’s simple and can earn you money in a matter of minutes. You can display a generic Comparegamehosting banner on your stream or use a game specific one if you specialize in certain games.



Display your custom links in on your Youtube channels or videos to promote We can create any images need to be displayed at the start or end of your videos.

Websites & Blogs


Use our great custom designed banners on your website, blog or group forums to help generate revenue to keep your site or server online for community with our affiliate program. (Custom Banners in any size can be created for almost any game to feature on your website)

Clans & Forums


Use your custom link in forums and on clan chats to help gamers find the best server for them. All you have to do is simply copy and paste your link – it’s that easy!


Why Should I Join your program rather than a hosts?

A. With our Affiliate Program you are able to give your users a much wider choice of companies to chose from rather than trying to make them all buy from one host. We know from experience that all gamers are different and will buy a server based on a number of different factors including price, location, level of support and hardware specs. By using our affiliate program you will be sending users to a much more suited site that gives them the choice to choose from 50+ hosts on the site, meaning you will have a much greater chance of earning commission. We also don’t limit you on the amount of times you can be paid in a month, unlike many hosts that will only let you withdraw once a month.

How do I get Started?

A. All you have to do is click the sign up button on the right hand side. This will take you to our affiliate section where new users can sign up. Creating an account takes less than 30 seconds. This section is also used to login to your account so you can check your current stats.

I had a sale and now it's gone?

A. This is because the sale that was put through was either classed as fraudulent or the payment has been refunded by the hosting company ,this means that the sale is no longer active and we can not collect any money for it.

Can I have a custom banner?

A. Yes – if your site has a lot of traffic then we are more than happy to create you a personalized/custom banner in any size. However we have plenty of pre-made banners ready to go with links and code. This makes its much easier to start earning as soon as possible.

How do I get Paid?

Q. How do I get Paid?

A. Once you have accumulated more than $10 in referral commission you can request too withdraw this money via Paypal.  Unlike most of the game server hosting companies we have a zero cap policy. Which means you can withdraw your commission as many times as you want each month as long as you are over the $10 threshold. Payments will be paid within 24 hours of receiving a request. (Due to timezone difference.)

Can anyone sign up?

A. Yes – Anyone can sign up. If you have your own Youtube channel, gaming website, Twitch stream or blog than this is the perfect opportunity for you to make revenue.

How much commission do I get?

A. This depends on who you send it to. If you get a referral from host that offers a 20% commission on a sale you will get 80% of the 20% which will work out at 16%. For Example if you get a $20.00 referral the overall commission will be $4.00. From the $4.00 you will receive $3.20 which is 80% and we will take $0.80 which is 20%. (The 20% covers Paypay transactions, maintenance of the site and support.)

Different sites pay different rates so commissions will be different per host, but you will always receive 80% of the commission no matter how big or small.

Can I promote you and a host?

A. Of course you can. We have no problem with you promoting both comparegamehosting and a host as we understand a lot of community driven sites will already have certain commitments with hosting companies that provide them with free servers.

Huge Range of banners to display on your site.

ARK banner
minecraft banner
gmod banner

Track your stats in real time

From your affiliate page you will be able to to track all of your click through rates and affiliate signups in real time with our easy to use dashboard. With the comparegamehosting affiliate program you can earn commission from 50 + Hosting companies around the globe and easily track what companies are earning you money.

By offering a comparison of all the official host prices, our service is easy to promote and can generate a lot more revenue than just promoting a single host on your website, Youtube channel, Twitch Stream or Blog.


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Create your affiliate account in less than a 30 seconds and get your unique referral URL to start earning you commission on your traffic.

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Promote Your Link

Using banners or text links promote to your audience. (Custom Banners can be created on request)

Earn Referral Revenue

Earn referral revenue from over 50 + game server hosting companies by helping people find the best host through our website. Earn money on any sign ups you send to us – it’s that simple!