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Conan: Exiles is a survival game from the same developers that created Ark: Survival Evolve, except with the game being filled to the brim with different dinosaurs, the game focuses more on sand and the mythological world of the Conan IP. The developers have been hard at work on the game these last couple of months and here are some of their latest updates and announcements for it.

Starting things off nice and simple, we’ve got an announcement some players aren’t going to be happy with and that’s the fact the developers have discovered how to recreate the “loot bag” bug that freezes the game, but it’s been announced that it won’t be fixed until after Christmas. Since they’ve identified the problem, they are recommending players to try and avoid using the sorting feature in the game as it directly corelates with the problem and is more likely to show up following that action, so be aware when you’re playing that this is a problem at the moment.

Back on the 13th of December (2017), Conan: Exiles got a pretty solid content update that added some new and interesting extras to the game as a whole. Starting off, we’ve got the modifications system now implemented into the game that will allow you to improve different aspects of a weapon, tool or some armour, depending on the type of kit that you use. Not only that, but there is also a brand-new weather system that is currently only available towards the north of the map that allows for dynamic changes in rain, snow, wind, and fog. Even the rain will form puddles on the ground and the moment the weather begins to grow too severe, a thunderstorm might approach – making the game a tad more frightening and dangerous to play up in the north right now.

There are also some brand-new armour sets, such as the Aquilonian (medium) and the Zamorian (cloth) armour sets; both of these harbour great stats for their tier as of right now. Another part of the armour sets that have been revealed is the slight mention of a new perk system, which has yet to be encroached upon, but will apparently give attribute boosts to certain items that you use and wear. Alongside these, we’ve got a couple of new weapons in the form of two new axes, a studded mace, and a brand-new pole-type weapon for you to decimate your enemies with.

An improvement for the Thrall capture tools have come about, which adds both iron and steel truncheons for knocking out a Thrall, along with higher tier bindings, such as rawhide, leather, and chain. There has also been some new building pieces added, like new ladders, inverted sloping walls, hatch frames, and then hatches themselves. Along with a few new placeables – like the weapon rack, folded screens, and papyrus scrolls – we’ve also got a couple of new tools, like a sickle designed to harvest fiber and a cleaver designed to harvest even more meat from bodies. This latest update brings a few different things to the table, all of which seem to be rather fun additions to the game as a whole!

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