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Fortnite is increasing drastically in player size with over million downloads and over 2 million concurrently playing players. With these kinds of numbers, it is no surprise that the competition within this game is really intense. With that being said, a player guide will help tremendously in becoming victorious.
The match starts once all players are gathered in the waiting lobby and are aboard the Battle Bus. Once the Battle Bus is flying over the map, players can drop onto any part and begin their quest to find loot, and more importantly to kill other players.

Beginning of Match

Players drop onto the map and parachute down to buildings, towns, or even trees. Once safely landed, players are immediately in danger, so go find a weapon, some armor, and hopefully some bandages—just in case. There is no real system to looting as everything spawns randomly, however there are more opportunities to loot when in larger towns or larger buildings. This can be counter-intuitive at the same time as more players will drop on these places.

Middle of Match

Much like PUBG, a field is closing in on players and shrinks the map in size that is playable. Once weapons and other loot are acquired, it is time to find other players to kill. Hiding is not as much of a viable strategy as buildings can be destroyed with the pickaxe, but they can also be built with materials found. Any building will only serve as a temporary safe haven because of these reasons. The strictly third person point of view featured in this game gives a great tactical view, but aiming down iron sights is non-existent except for guns equipped with scopes. Scopes can not be equipped by players and must be found already constructed. This makes them a much more valuable asset and one that is coveted by Fortnite players.

End of Match

The end of the match is sometimes incredibly stressful as the playable area is super small, and players will be out in the open more often than not, unless players build a base in advance, or find a suitable building to hide out in. Once there are only 5 players left, it is smart to hide and not attract attention to yourself. Enemy players will kill each other until only you and one remaining player are left. When this happens, let the other player come to you and be patient. Once they are in your line of sight, take fire, and take the victory.

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