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Stellaris is the latest release from powerhouse developers Paradox Games. Who are notable known for their intense 4X strategy games. Which take strategy and tactics in gaming to the very next level. With their previous titles including the Crusader Kings Series and the Europa Series.

This game is a must for space fanatics as it’s set in deep space and has over 20 playable alien races. Although it won’t be as easy as conquering the galaxies as each race has its own perks and shortfalls. But with the right amount of negotiation, diplomacy, empire management and warfare. You may yet rule the stars in fear or peace depending on your alignment and personal goals.

The Game

The game is set in 2200 when the invitation of ”faster than light” technology is founded. With all races starting in the early stages of space exploration, it is up to you to claim a piece of the universe. Which will cause many problems as many other races all have the same intentions. But many of the other races all have their own goals. These include domination, Peace, the hoarding of natural resources and ultimate technology advancements. So with this in mind you will need to keep an eye on all the other races as some may be friend or foe.

Once you have selected your race you will need to being expanding your empire and this happens via ships. Players will use ships which include war, science and construction. All which serve an important purpose in the grand scheme of things. Although most of the game and combat is played out through preparation and strategy. Which will help with all elements of the game in the mid to end game.

The early game introduces many players to the core foundations of the game. Such as expansion and learning about the resources and other races. Mid game will see players begin to form alliances and start wars with enemy races. Which is usually the make or break point of many empires. But if you manage to make it to the late game you will find out that the developers have a few surprises. This includes crisis events that help shake up the end game. These events include the uprising of a sentient AI race or the birth of a super race. All which are usually the mistakes of other races, while in search of their own power struggles. So nothing is sure or safe in the universe of Stellaris. Which of course is one of the many reasons why this game is so fun and frustrating at the same time.

Will there be Server Hosting?

There currently isn’t any Stellaris server hosting at the moment. But we have been watching the game since the release in 2016. So continue to check this page for updates and news for all your hosting needs. Although based on their previous titles we imagine that they won’t actually add this.

Where Can You Buy Stellaris?

With computer games not being sold in traditional bricks and mortar high street shops you can find them all across the internet. Our advice is to avoid the dodgy websites and stick with the big guys to avoid being burned and losing your money. These are our recommended retailers to find Stellaris for sale:

  • The Steam Store – usually the best option if you have an already existing Steam Library to keep things simple
  • G2A – have come a long way over the years and can offer you the best price of many retailers that sell through them. You are protected as a buyer when you go through them as the payment processor so you get the best of both worlds.
  • AllKeyShop – are another game price comparison site that gets you the best price available while using their own good name to protect you as a buyer.
  • HumbleBundle – make sure you check this site out for Stellaris as it may be part of a bigger, cheaper bundle of games available right now.
  • Amazon – if you want a physical copy of the Stellaris then Amazon is probably the best and fastest route to go.

Similar Games

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space engineers server hostingWant to travel further in to space and explore the galaxy? Why not check out Space Engineers. If you’re a fan of Stellaris and you’re currently seeking more exploration, look no further. Travel in to the vast vacuum of space and find new planets and asteroids. This will help advance your own space station or interstellar spacecraft.

Space Engineers features an amazingly open crafting system, which has a lot of depth. You will need to travel the galaxy and collect materials to upgrade your creations and ideas. But be warned as the galaxy may not be a safe place if you are on a server full of other players. So make sure you are prepared for anything.


Hellion is a newer game on the Steam store and is still currently in Early Access. But many players have already praised this game for it’s gritty and dark approach. In the game you will have to travel across the galaxy searching abandoned ships for supplies. Always be on your guard in Hellion as some ships may have some surprises.

With alien NPC’s and other players roaming the galaxy you may need to team up with fellow survivors. Hellion focuses on survival of the fittest so teamwork may not always be the best option. Sometimes you may just have to take what you want.

Stellaris DLC & Mods

Stellaris DLC & Updates

No updates or DLC have been written by us for Stellaris.

Stellaris Mods

No mods have been written by us for Stellaris. Why not let us know if you have a mod you would like featured in this section.

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