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Unturned server hosting isn't cheap or expensive. The price tends to sit in the middle of the field in terms of value for money. Luckily, the hosting is the only expense for the game so you can easily push yourself to be able to afford it. Unturned isn't much fun on your own. Try to create a server that will entice people in by experimenting with mods and rules.

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    Unturned is a free-to-play sandbox style game for the PC available through Steam. Its simple to download and install with premium DLC available for the game too. You start alone or with a group of other survivors made up of other real world players. Your task is to defend yourselves from the zombie infestation that is coming your way. Much like Minecraft and other sandbox survival games you can craft tools and build bases. Enhancing your equipment this way and building shelter improves your chances of survival.

    The audience for this game does tend to sit at the younger age range. The fact that the price is free brings in a large number of people willing to try it out. With nothing to lose, most people feel like trying it out to see what they think.

    The problem with public servers in this game becomes obvious when you find admins abusing their position. Being on a public Unturned server that belongs to someone else leaves you at their disposal. They can alter the rules to make themselves invincible. Admins giving themselves this power can suck the fun out of the game and make it feel pointless to be part of.

    It’s hard to say anything bad about a free game that was created by one person as a hobby. Unturned shows almost no negative reviews on the Steam platform. It is filled up with people saying how surprised they are at the quality of this free game.

    Unturned Mods

    For additional content to expand your version of Unturned check out Unturned Planet who have mods like these:

    • New maps to battle on
    • Awesome new vehicles to ride around in
    • More weapons to tackle the enemy with
    • Additional items and objects to bring your crafting alive

    Server Hosting History

    While Unturned was in Steam’s Early Access program game hosting providers stayed wary. The problem with new games that are described as unfinished is that they are prone to breaking. When you are providing a paid service to the public with an unstable base this can lead to issues. Many customers will want to blame the hosting company for the issues arising.

    A common issue is that the game has a huge update and they completely change the dedicated server files. If these changes come as a surprise a hosting company could then take days trying to fix it. Most game hosts have a control panel that they have blended with the game with custom code, this may need to adapt.

    When there’s money to make though, the game hosting companies will try to get involved. This is why you usually see Early Access games commanding a higher price for server hosting. The providers will need to weigh up the risks involved and make sure that it works for them. Unturned server hosting has dropped in price since the game was fully released to the joy of the players.

    Best & Cheapest

    The main focus for this page and the reason you will be here is to find out who is the best and who is the cheapest. We have over a hundred game hosting companies on our site that we track. We only list the ones that offer Unturned server hosting and have the reputation to back them up on this page.

    Best Unturned Server Hosting

    survival serversWe have marked Survival Servers as the best Unturned server hosting company. We continue to see a steady stream of customers claiming that the help they have received is great. Survival Servers are proud of the technology they have developed in-house. They have also worked on popular mods for games in the Arma series. Using knowledge they have for the franchise they have created the best control panel for it.

    They have then used his expert knowledge acquired from that experience on Unturned. If you are looking for a high quality experience with your Unturned server then these guys are best. The price does tend to sit above the cheapest contenders only slightly. If you are willing spend a little more money then Survival Servers is in our opinion the best choice.

    Cheapest Unturned Server Hosting

    host havocAs the game is free and you may not have much money to spend we have some cheap providers listed. Our current cheapest position is taken by Host Havoc, a Canadian game hosting company. The guys at Host Havoc haven’t been around for as long as Survival Servers but have exploded fast. This team also specialise in technology and hardware helping reduce costs. They come from a technical background so can handle Unturned issues with ease.

    If you decide to choose our cheapest Unturned server hosting provider, be sure to come back and review. Leaving a review about your experience with Host Havoc will allow us to keep a tab on how they are progressing. Sometimes companies are bought out and shift focus.

    Needed Server Features

    You may think that all Unturned server hosting is the same. Unfortunately is is not, you need to look at the offerings of each company. The following are the most important factors to look at after the initial usual ones.

    Change Map

    Playing on the same map can get boring quick. The ability to change the map that is created at the start of each round is a great feature. A lot of the companies on this page make this easy but check before you buy. Companies like Survival Servers who have built this into their custom control panel.

    Other companies may have added this into their pre-built control panels like TCAdmin. This can be just as good as TCAdmin is fairly easy to use, like Facebook or any other web app.

    Add/Manage Mods

    If you play Unturned, you most likely have a mod or two that you choose to run. If you want to have that mod active in a multiplayer game then you need to have it active on the server. When you rent an Unturned game server you need to make sure that they allow custom mods. Ideally you will want the control panel that the company uses to allow for 1 click mod installs. Check that you have this feature available so you don’t have to contact support staff to activate each mod for you.

    Smartly Dressed Games

    The game has its humble begins set in a young mans summer camp. When Nelson Sexton was in his teen years he was exposed to the GameMaker platform. The creator was only 16 when he released Unturned, still only in high school. After seeing what was possible in the examples that came with the game building platform he felt inspired to take the art further. The game quickly launched him into the spotlight of success, although not riches. The game enjoyed downloads in the millions, putting the companies name forward.

    Smartly Dressed Games is the name of the company that was created by Nelson and this probably isn’t the last title to come from them. Perhaps Unturned was the ideal way for the company to gain a reputation to use in the future. Either way, Nelson Sexton has certainly established a name for himself in the industry.

    Unturned on Consoles

    This Steam community thread argues the ins and outs of a console port as well as many other threads. No official response seems to be out their on the internet unfortunately. Most of the responses online to the question argue that the controls are far to complex for console. This makes sense as it being a first person shooter and accuracy being important.

    Feedback From Players

    Lets go straight to the source of where you get Unturned from, the official Steam pageIts hard to find any negative reviews for game but what does stick out is optimisation. Some gamer’s have complained that the game does not use their resources properly. This is understandable as the creator will want to spend time on the larger issues. Sorting out the aspects of the game that make it popular are higher priority. It seems that updates trump optimisations before trying to add some stability.

    Sales & Player Stats

    The game sees a steady 25,000 players joined at any one time on average according to SteamCharts. It did see average levels of 50,000 back in 2016 but has since slowed down.

    The game is free to download through Steam but we do we have data on the number of downloads. According to the stats from SteamSpy who hold this information the game has had 35.3 million downloads worldwide.

    Similar Games

    7 Days To Die

    7 days to die server hostingThe closest game in similarity on CompareGameHosting is 7 Days To Die. This game is another sandbox craft and survive title featuring zombies. The game boasts a huge (currently 1200) array of building blocks to let your creativity run wild. You also have access to 900 items that you can use to help survive.

    The game allows for players to pit up against each other or against on 7DTD dedicated servers. The game still gets brilliant feedback on Steam which is quite rare for an Early Access game.


    Minecraft server hosting

    The ultimate craft and survive game, Minecraft trumps all else. If you are looking for a game to casually mine away and build awesome creations then this is it. If you are looking for a game to engage in battle and browse through action packed servers, this is it too! Minecraft can morph into whatever you want it to thanks to modding. Lots of people of all ages are undertaking the task of making mods for Minecraft. The market is being flooded with these free enhancements for the game.

    Thanks to the constant development of the game by the community it continues to live on. When Minecraft was first made as a side project, the creator had no idea it would become as big as it did.


    dayz standalone server hostingA stand alone game inspired by the DayZ mod for the game Arma 2. This title is very similar to 7 Days To Die, a dark craft and survive game. Be sure to check out the reviews as currently the game is getting knocked about on Steam.

    Many players are warning that the development has been scrapped without the game leaving Early Access first.

    Unturned Server List

    Once you have rented your Unturned server you should check out our other project, BestServers. Using our know-how gained from perfecting CompareGameHosting we have created the ultimate game server list site. Our lists also load lightning fast, which can be refreshing as many in-game lists are dead slow.

    Unturned Server Hosting Overview Video

    For popular games such as Unturned we have made videos that explain the history and how you can use CompareGameHosting to make the right provider choice.

    You can watch this video on YouTube by clicking here.

    Unturned DLC & Mods

    Unturned DLC & Updates

    Unturned Greece Update 3-13-2018

    Tyvärr är denna artikel enbart tillgänglig på Amerikansk Engelska. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language.

    The recently added Greece map to Unturned has had some work doing to it, in this update we describe the map and the locations within it.

    Unturned Jan 2018 Update 1-15-2018

    Tyvärr är denna artikel enbart tillgänglig på Amerikansk Engelska. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language.

    New maps, spawn locations and animals/objects along with lots of other fixes for this free-to-play game available on Steam.

    Unturned Update 12-16-2017

    This very festive update for Unturned brings a bunch of Christmas treats to the player mainly for the skins. A festive gift is also now available to drop down randomly to the people on the server.

    Some fixes to the previously released arena map Bunker Arena have also been included in this update to fix some small glitches seen by some of the Unturned players.

    Unturned Update 12-10-2017

    This Unturned update has fixed some key play-ability issues such as milting the packets from players to avoid them being able to spam the server and slow down everyone’s experience.

    A new map from the creator Danaby has been added to the game, an arena map called Bunker Arena.

    Unturned Mods

    Unturned ATV Mod

    Vehicles are great for getting around and/or running over zombies and other players but sometimes a car can be a bit big and bulky to get around in. This ATV mod helps that by bringing in 5 quad bikes into the game.

    Unturned More Military Clothes Mod

    Camouflage is a key element in Unturned and this mod brings with it some awesome military uniforms for your player to blend into the environment.

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    Många artiklar i sektionen "Recensioner och Guider" har skrivits av Alex baserat på hans tekniska erfarenhet.

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