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Who Are EnviousHost?

EnviousHost are a US company that offer both Budget and Premium Minecraft servers starting from as little as $2.50 a month. They offer 145 different Minecraft package including a free trial so you are sure to find a server that will match your needs.  EnviousHost also offer other game servers including Minecraft: Pocket Edition Hosting and Starmade.

Author: Alex Booth

Alex is responsible for overseeing the content on CompareGameHosting. With 5+ years experience in the game hosting industry he has seen the good and the bad.

Alex keeps an eye on whats going on in the game hosting world and keeps the News section of this website up to date with it. A lot of the articles in the Reviews & Guides section have been written by Alex based on his technical experience and findings.

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EnviousHost Reviews

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Published 21st July 2017

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I bought a pocket edition server, no one could log in. Contacted them. Wouldn't refund money.

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Published 13th January 2017

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I had used EnviousHost for a couple of Months when I was playing a lof of Minecraft, however I moved on to other things so canceled my subscription. When trying to cancel my account I had a few problems that took a little while to solve which was rather annoying as I was paying for a server that I was no longer using. Anyway it took longer than it should have taken but I finally got my money back in the end. This incident let them down as everything was going really well until I decided that I no longer wanted to use their service. 6/10

whaTEVS Thumb


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Published 24th December 2016

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I have been with EnviousHost for a good few months now and their service and staff have been brilliant! They were able to help me solve a couple issues I had when i was wanting to install various plugins and got it done summer quick which I was very impressed with. So far we haven't had a noticeable lag on the server which i'm very happy with and the FTP access has been very easy to use after a bumpy start! There are a lot of hosts offering Minecraft but no one does it like EnviousHost! Keep up the FANTASTIC WORK!

MoonCat Thumb


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Published 15th December 2016

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They have been great

I have tried a few hosts in the past including MCProHosting, CrepperHost and even CubedHost and have they have all let me down in one way or another. support staff that don’t know what they are doing! Overcharging me on several occasions and just generally being really bad! However after nearly giving up all hope I decided to give EnviousHost ago. I was expecting to fall in to the same traps as last time, thinking that the support would be given by a 10 year old! Yes! a 10 Year old, some companies pay kids that don't have a clue to answer your tickets! I won't name names. But It’s Shocking. Despite all my bad experiences EnviousHost have been great and have restored my Faith in hosting with a 3rd party company.


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