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It was announced on Dec 14, 2015 in an official post that Mojang were dropping the prices on their Realms server hosting by about 12% in order to attract more people to use the realm hosting over the 3rd party Minecraft hosts such as, Bisect Hosting, McProHosting, Nitrous Networks and the other 50+ hosts that have sprung up since the start of Minecraft. So how much have the prices dropped?

New Prices

A one off 30 Day subscription will now cost £6.99/$9.99/€8.99 compared to the original price of £8/€10/$13 which means a new saving of around 12.5%

The 90 day / 3 Month packages will now cost £18.99/$26.99/€23.99 compared to the original price of £21/$35/€26 saving an average of 11% across the different currencies.

The whooping 6 month / 180 day package now costs £33.99/$47.99/€42.99 compared to the original price of £38/$62/€46 meaning even more savings for those super Minecraft fans!

If your happy to sign up for a monthly subscription with a recurring payment you are now able to get a server for as low as £5.59/$7.99/€7.19 for 30 days granting you even more savings compared to the one off 30 day subscription.

I paid to Much

No worries, if you have recently purchased a realm server in the last 45 days (as of the 14 December 2015) Mojang are offering to pay the difference back and they are also offering extra free days for people that have bought realm subscriptions in the last few months, so it’s definitely worth checking out the Mojang site and contacting them if your are due compensation or free days.

What’s the Difference Between Realms and 3rd party server hosting?

Well realms is the official Mojang hosting provider that offers safe hosting for you and your friends through an invite system, which means people can only join if they are invited before hand which can have negative effects on people trying to build a large Minecraft community online. Realms is one of the safest ways to host however there are a lot of restrictions to using Realms, including Mod support, world customization and the fact that it’s still only available on the PC java edition with no due date for Minecraft Pocket edition players.

3rd party host servers are much more flexible and they offer a wider range of packages including more ram, better CPU’s, Hardware, control panels and also the ability to add and remove mod packs when ever you want. 3rd party hosting is often 50% cheaper than the realm hosting as its a lot more competitive and you really get what you pay for. Check out our Minecraft server hosting page for all our official and safe hosts!


The site quoted: ”We’re reducing the price of Minecraft Realms, and offering free 30-day trials to anyone who hasn’t previously owned a Realm.” Which is not a bad offer if you haven’t yet used the realm server hosting on your Minecraft account yet. However If you have already signed up for Realm in the past you will not be able to take advantage of the trial as it’s a new members offer only. If your looking for a free trial from a third party company its worth checking out the hosts on our Minecraft server hosting page as many of the hosts offer trial periods if you get in contact before you buy.

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