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In this article we will be looking at 4 plugins that you need on your Minecraft server. This article is geared toward new server owners, as most experienced server owners will already have most of these. If you are one of those experienced server owners, stick around, you might find a plugin you haven’t seen before!

1.WorldEdit. World edit is one of the oldest and best updated plugins I’ve seen. Chances are you’ve seen this plugin around before, so I’ll cut the description short. It let’s you place thousands of blocks in only a few seconds.

2.WorldBorder. Server world files can get MASSIVE, if one of your players decides to run out 25,000 blocks from spawn. With world border, you can set a limit as to how far you can run. When it comes down to you being the one who has to pay for the resources on your server this is a must.

3.SignEditor. We’ve all been there, we are making a sign of some sort, you finish the sign and press to finish the sign. But then you see it, the misspell in the first line. ARGH, the frustration is real, but with SignEditor, you can edit a single line of a sign. It’s a needed add-on if you value your sanity!

4.Multiverse. With multiverse you can make and edit worlds, which can be really handy if you want to add an extra world for something like minigames or a PvP world.

If your not using these plugins, I would highly recommend you go and check them out. I just thought I’d mention, these plugins are for Bukkit/Spigot, and might not be available for certain other platforms.

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