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Hack away at the zombies in the Arma 2 mod version of DayZ privately or with friends that you have total control over. Our price list highlights the best and cheapest DayZ server hosts at the top.

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The Dayz mod was released back in 2013 as part of Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead. The mod itself was a huge success with numbers reaching over a million players in the first 6 months. Players were purchasing Arma 2 so they could play the mod, without even bothering to playing Arma. Even though the mod uses the core mechanics of the game, it actually plays as a standalone game. Which in fact got it’s own debut release on Steam early access in 2013 and is set for full release in 2018. Because the mod moved over to its own game the mod actually lost the majority of its community. This was due to the fact that the mod was no longer receiving updates because the switch in developer focus. Although players can still play the mod it’s very rare that other players are online. Meaning that the modded version can be rather dull with no one to play with.

Required before installing the Arma 2 DayZ mod:

  • Arma 2 must be purchased and installed
  • Operation Arrowhead DLC for Arma 2

So how do I survive?

So what is the aim of the game, you may be asking? Well players have to stay alive as long as possible during a zombie outbreak in DayZ Mod. Unlike many other zombie games players have a whole host of problems that may occur. As you might expect zombies are wondering around the landscape so players must be on guard. This means players will need to scavenge for any sort of weapon to defend themselves. This may include pipes, hand crafted weapons, knifes, guns and more or less anything else you can wield. Although protection is the core to surviving in this game you will also need to scavenge for other items. Including food and water to keep your player alive and clothes to keep your character warm. You will also be able to find Armour and other gear that will improve your chances of survival.

Other Players

While many of you may think that playing a game and killing a few zombie AI may sound easy. You must remember that DayZ Mod is online and multiplayer. So expect to run in to other players that are also trying to survive in this wasteland with their own intentions. Many players may be on their last legs and willing to do anything to keep their character alive. So be on guard at all times as you are never alone and other players may take advantage. If you do happen to encounter other players you have many options. Which include leaving each other alone, trading, fighting or joining forces. All options have their pros and cons although if your wanting to team up with players. It may be worth joining up with friends in DayZ Mod as they are less likely to backstab you, or are they?

Server Hosting

Although the game has moved on to the standalone version. Arma 2 DayZ server hosting is still available from some of our top hosts. We would suggest renting hosting for DayZ if you have the game because more players are online. As of writing, SteamCharts shows that there is an average player count of over 2,500 player a day

Similar Games


dayz standalone server hostingIf you haven’t’ already discovered the standalone version of DayZ that was released. Then I would ask where have you been all these years? In all seriousness if you enjoyed the Arma 2 DayZ mod you will love the Standalone. As it’s everything that players had access to in the mod and more.

The developers took the game so much further when it became a dedicated game. With many of the old features including crafting, building and fighting. Getting huge updates to give the game the face lift it needed. DayZ Standalone also has a bigger community so it’s a lot easier to find active servers. Which is of course lacking in the original due to players switching game.

7 Days Die

7 days to die server hosting7 Days to Die is another one of those classic, build, craft and survive zombies game. So it’s not uncommon for a lot of DayZ players to switch between these games. As they both share many of the same themes. Although this game has a lot more focus on teamwork and base building. Opposed to Bohemia Interactive’s classic wonder around the map and find equipment approach.

Think of what you would get if you added Minecraft and Arma together and you would have 7 Days To Die. This game also has a larger community than DayZ so it’s great for new and old players.

ARMA 2 : DayZ Mod DLC & Mods

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ARMA 2 : DayZ Mod Mods

No mods have been written by us for ARMA 2 : DayZ Mod. Why not let us know if you have a mod you would like featured in this section.

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ARMA 2 : DayZ Mod Reviews

Arma 2 dayz is a mod that has been released that places you in a infected world where you have to try to survive, at first this can sound simplistic and rather boring however i found that Arma 2 dayz mod had managed to create something of total enjoyment! The scenario is you are placed in the zombie apocalypse where by night the zombies grow stronger so you must use your survival skills to utilize your time and survive for as long as possible. Now great fun can be had from this game especially when playing with friends, i found that simply scavenging buildings with a trio of friends was a great time. While there isn't a great variation of enemies to kill in this world i find it quite refreshing to see that there isn't a collection of super mutants with no reason to appear prominently in the game, such as the common butchers and bruisers we are all too familiar with. Being a extended game play experience of Arma 2 the dayz mod is surprising a refreshing mix of familiar gameplay, with such focus on technicality in the actual game it makes this mod that more bit realistic when playing. The major criticism i could really strike with this mod are the like of diverse environments to hold up in, while quite nit picky i feel it's important that if you're going to spend hours searching different building they should at least be different. Any other criticisms are drawn from the slow pace of the day, while it can give you a break from the undead hordes it does prevent the continuous killing spree to stop. After Playing online for sometime you might find yourself on the search for some cheap Arma 2 dayz hosting, if this is the case then using the tools found on this page you will be able to identify the one for you!

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If your looking for the best Dayz experience you should play on the dayz mod rather than the standalone version as that is absolute rubbish. The standalon version destroyed what was such a promising game at start with loads of lag and a very poorly patched game with constant problems. It's not often that a mod is better than a standalone version but if you are looking for dayz server hosting I would advise that you rent it for the dayz mod!

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