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Day of Infamy is New World Interactive’s second title to be released on the Steam store. The game draws a lot of inspiration from the developers first game, Insurgency. Much like Insurgency this game is also a first person shooter, in which two teams go head to head. Although similar in play style, Day of Infamy is set in World War 2 and focuses on many historical events. The game itself is actually a new release that began life as a mod for Insurgency. After positive feedback from the community the game became its own standalone. Released on the Steam store in early March 2017. Available on Windows, Linux and OS X.

In Day of Infamy there are two core game modes that players can choose from. The first game mode that many players choose to play is online multiplayer. Each game can hold up to 32 players, with 16 players on each side. On team will play as the Allied Force and the other with play as the Axis powers. Each team can choose from 9 classes. These include Officer, Flamethrower, Sniper, Assault and 5 other classes. Each class has its own perks and weaknesses so it’s best to balance out teams to achieve victory. The second game mode is Co-Operative which only differs from the other game mode in a few ways. Unlike online, this game mode has you play against bots instead of other players. So you will find most players will choose to opt for online multiplayer over Co-Operative.

Day of Infamy Visuals

One of the main notable features that makes Day of Infamy so popular is the lack of cross-hair and HUD map. This give it a more unique feel and makes it feel more realistic, compared to other war games. Many fans have actually said they prefer this approach to gaming as it makes the game a lot harder. Meaning it requires a lot more skill for players to get good at the game. It also has a one shot, one kill feature that means players have to be tactical in their approach. With spawning also being very limited in the game, it makes it a game for hardcore players.

Much like Insurgency, this game also has its own hosting files in which players can set up their own lobbies. Day of Infamy server hosting is rather difficult to set up for novice players. Luckily there are some hosts that offer packages for a pretty reasonable price. But we would suggest taking a look at the prices above, as well as viewing some of the host reviews. This will ensure that you get the best price available in your country.

If you’re a fan of this game and haven’t checked out New World Interactive’s previous title. It’s worth picking Insurgency up on Steam as it’s very similar in style but based in modern world combat. The game currently costs £6.99, but is often on sale for a lot cheaper.


The game has seen major success with many players extremely happy with the game. You can see this from the sentiment among reviewers on Steam being “Mostly Positive” and broken down focus on:

  • How it is the best WW2 simulator you can currently buy
  • It is better than the Call of Duty franchise of games
  • The way you shoot and die in the game adds realism
  • The lack of pay to win mechanisms within the game

Similar Games

Day of Defeat: Source

Day of defeat 2 server hostingA very similar World War 2 style game is Day of Defeat: Source. Based on the Source engine that Valve developed and the used in its flagship titles, DOD was cutting edge when it was first released. The game has seen better days as it ages but still maintains an audience of die hard players that stick with of about 1,000 players concurrently according to SteamCharts.

Day of Defeat: Source was known for its clans and team based social side with many players being of the older generation. The game was a much more serious contender for online gaming titles and so drew in much different players than Team Fortress and Counter Strike. You can now buy the game for only a few dollars with it going on sale on the Steam store regularly.

Battalion 1944

A modern addition to the World War 2 genre of games, Battalion 1944 has pushed the boundaries of what is expected. The developers have tried to stick to the old classic Call of Duty feel in the game while adding new modern ideas and game-play.

The game massively peaked a few weeks after being released onto Steam’s Early Access according to SteamCharts. It has since faltered every day with many people poking holes in the games buggy nature in the official reviews on Steam. As it is a good game and has caught the eyes of many gamer’s, so long as the developers can sort these bugs the game can enjoy the high player count again.


squad server hostingAnother new addition to the online warfare world is Squad. By engaging in battle while communicating thoroughly with your team mates you can expect to dominate. Its only when you stop communicating does the game get hard, teamwork is key.

The game is seeming to have waves of popularity when you look at its charts on SteamCharts. The game is getting updated by the developers to ensure that any found bugs are quashed and this is much to the delight of the community.

Day of Infamy DLC & Mods

Day of Infamy DLC & Updates

No updates or DLC have been written by us for Day of Infamy.

Day of Infamy Mods

No mods have been written by us for Day of Infamy. Why not let us know if you have a mod you would like featured in this section.

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Alex keeps an eye on whats going on in the game hosting world and keeps the News section of this website up to date with it. A lot of the articles in the Reviews & Guides section have been written by Alex based on his technical experience and findings.

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Day of Infamy Reviews

Does anyone else remember that glorious first mission of medal of honor frontline where you stormed onto the Omaha beach to recreate saving private Ryan? If you as a gamer experience that moment then its no doubt since you had a love for those intense war games, if this is the case then Day of infamy will allow you to create these moments for yourself. As a huge history buff i'm pleased to see a game that has promoted so much learning alongside warfare, by this i mean some of the maps that have been moddel after battles by the community are historically gorgeous. Before i start sounding like a sociopath again i had better clarify that Day of infamy is a first person shooter set during world war two, in which you can battle in a variety of different game modes with a variety of different members from the community. The combat featured in the game wasn't the most dynamic i have ever experienced, but with such aesthetically pleasing environments i wont pick out anything on that subject. I really enjoyed the officer feature they've placed in the game allowing for one player to give commands and use addition features, this tied in with the talking system allows for teamwork to be a core element. I never realised till writing this review that in Day of infamy whilst barking orders your voice can actually carry over to the enemies, which explains why i suck so hard at this game. At times it can feel like Day of infamy is becoming repetitive, thankfully with a wide community there is always plenty of original mods for you to download so that you can keep this experience going as long as possible. If you liked our review then you will love our cheap Day of infamy hosting that we offer on this page.

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