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Homefront has a mix of solid single-player and multiplayer content can be found in this overall FPS package. For the story, Korea has taken over the United States and has brought the country down onto its knees. Your freedom and your liberties are slowly becoming nothing more than a departed dream. Unless you decide to rise up and take the fight to the streets against the invaders. Become a part of the resistance and take part your country before it becomes nothing more than a husk of its former self. While it won’t be an easy journey, it will definitely be an interesting but destructive one for all to enjoy.

With solid gameplay, nice visuals, and multiplayer that you could lose hours in, Homefront gives a little something for all. You can choose to play normal deathmatch or focus on objectives and enjoy a sleuth of different game modes. There’s a little bit of something for everyone, without forcing you to ever play all that hardcore. Don’t forget about the progression system that progressively gives you all the more reason to keep playing. Every level brings you closer to a new weapon, new items, and just more reasons to stick around.

Obviously, just like any good online FPS, you’re going to want to bring a friend with you. They can lay down suppressing fire for you and even set up a strategic plan. Playing with a friend or two is the perfect way to play this game online if you’re done with the single-player campaign. Regardless of which side you end up spawning in, a few rounds of Homefront, you won’t want to come back off for some time.


The game has been attacked by players complaining that:

  • The game was marketed heavily as the next big thing only to fail to deliver on that promise with what has turned out to be a low standard of a game
  • The single player story mode is way too short and written badly
  • The optimisation is sub-par and needs improvement
  • Its not good value for money

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