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Following on from the success of Space Engineers, Keen Software House have released the historically based Medieval Engineers. Instead of building space ships and engaging in futuristic laser battles, you concentrate on primitive forms of warfare and castle building. You have access to wooden structures, stone building pieces and iron mechanical parts to construct whatever it is you want to engage in battle or peaceful village building.

Medieval Engineers was the exciting follow on game from the space based version but lacked much of the magic of the prequel. Looking at player counts on SteamCharts you can see that the title experiences a constant downwards trend since it was released. Where as Space Engineers has enjoyed a strong army of fans staying with the game as it was further developed by Keen.

The major thorn in the side for Medieval Engineers was the success seen by similar games like Reign of Kings. In ROK you could join massive servers with players battling with much more advanced system of game play. Craft and survive titles like ROK and Ark: Survival Evolved added more of a “point” to the game, you needed to defend yourself and maintain your own life. A lot of crating games lose their audience when they become aware that they have completed everything in the game. The replay-ability of games like Ark is what keeps them playing and playing time and again, attempting to challenge themselves further.


  • Wide variety of construction elements that can be used to create structures and mobile mechanical creations
  • Movable ground to shape your surroundings how you want it
  • Everything on the map is interactive, including trees and plants
  • Massive exploration possibilities as you can explore the whole planet you are on

Best Medieval Engineers Server Hosting

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Feedback From Players

A lot of players on Steam criticise the game for being buggy and unfinished. The promises by the developers for certain features like water have apparently been denied as well.

A lot of the positive reviews for the game also contain large digs at the developers. It seems that the game has been abandoned even by the die hard fans who have racked up hundreds of hours of game-play. With better alternatives on the market that offer a less buggy experience you can see why people have flocked away from Medieval Engineers.

Similar Games

If you enjoy the whole crafting and medieval theme that runs through Medieval Engineers then you will love these games:

Reign of Kings

Reign of Kings Server HostingMuch like Medieval Engineers, Reign of Kings possesses a lot of crafting but has a much stronger point to the game. In Reign of Kings you have a goal to achieve as well as a whole load of items and blocks to make. You can’t however make catapults and Trebuchets from parts but you can make them on a crafting table from a recipe. If you are a big fan of the medieval side of things and love a challenge with survival aspects then check out ROK.

The game doesn’t see the kind of player counts that it use to see back in 2015 when it was in its prime but its still a fun game.

Life is Feudal

life is feudal server hostingFor a more modern version of Medieval Engineers try Life is Feudal. The game has recently received a bunch of bad feedback but this situation could quickly switch around with some input from the developers. Much like Medieval Engineers the game is set in castle times and lets you bring out your creativity but has a much stronger emphasis on survival.

If you fancy yourself as a knight seizing power of regions then go buy Life is Feudal.

Medieval Engineers DLC & Mods

Medieval Engineers DLC & Updates

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Medieval Engineers Mods

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