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In early 2017, Sniper Elite 4 hit the Steam store and console platforms with a bang. The game is the sequel to the popular Sniper Elite 3 and Sniper series. Upon release, the game saw a pretty high peak of 7,624 players after the first week. But then it started to drop over the months with a current average player count of 2500 +. This is because many players had completed the game and decided not to play multiplayer. With many reporting online that the games multiplayer was useless. Due to the fact that lobby connection was very poor and players could never find games. Rebellion Developments addressed this issue by adding Sniper Elite 4 server hosting. Although this was not a solution in many people’s minds and the game lost half its community.

So what is a sniper game all about, some of you may be asking? Well the campaign mode is set in Italy and follows the events of the previous game. With much of the same focus being on the events of the second world war and you taking on the role of a stealthy sniper. So as expected you will be taking out German forces and helping contribute to the war effort in Italy. Which of course is played across many locations with many objectives and missions. But it is up to you to take on the task and help free Italy and the world from Nazi Germany.


The game itself combines stealth, tactics and a great X-ray kill cam which the game is so notable known for. The X-ray cam is actually activated when players take long distance shots at enemies and hit them. You will see the bullet leaving the gun and travel towards its intended target in slow motion. Upon hitting the target you will see the internal damaged that the bullet does to the target. The x-ray version of themselves allows you to see bones or organ damaged from the impact. The developers later added extra kills to the system including, shrapnel, melee and stealth. Which added a lot more variation to the game and kept fans happy.

  • Customisation – the in game skills tree allows you to develop your character in a way that works for you as the player
  • Arsenal – the weapons list available for you to play with is extensive and diverse
  • Amazing campaign – the single player mode to the game is rich in story and sucks you in
  • X-ray cam – the features that made this game famous is the x-ray camera that follows and shows the damage being done to the enemy after shooting a gun


The head of creatives described this game as a snipers playground and wanted to push limits he said. This led to maps changing in size and enemies taking on different locations. All because they wanted players to be able to take longer shots, adding to the sniper experience. This meant that a lot of the initial AI, animation and core gaming foundations had to be changed. Although in our opinion we would say that the game has benefited from the changes. Which is easy to spot when you compare the game with it’s previous counterparts.

Upon release the game was even ranked in the top 50 games of Eurogamer 2017, ranked at 40. Which is a great achievement for such a niche game with a small audience.

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