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Who Are Online Game Host?

A small and relatively unknown game server host, Online Game Host specialize in Minecraft hosting with several other games in a list “coming soon.” Online Game Host was founded in 2013 and offer Minecraft hosting in North America. Their Minecraft servers include Custom Jars, Free Modpacks, SSD/HDD storage and a load of other features. They offer 8 Different Minecraft Packages the cheapest being $2 a month for a 5-10 person server. They now offer web hosting.

Author: Alex Booth

Alex is responsible for overseeing the content on CompareGameHosting. With 5+ years experience in the game hosting industry he has seen the good and the bad.

A lot of the articles in the Reviews & Guides section have been written by Alex based on his technical experience and findings.

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Online Game Host Reviews

groovybluedog Thumb


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Published 11th March 2017

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Do not expect help when you need it

The main thing that caught my eye when I was looking for a host was the automatic backup solutions. The sales team said that they make daily backups, so I went with them. However now I need them I find out that the daily backups recycle every 24 hours and that in practice it is only weekly backups. The trouble is only the director can restore! I sent my ticket in on the 21st, they give me my options on the 23rd, I confirm 24th and they restore it on the 26th. It was the wrong date though, so on the 4th I ask for the week prior however they did not respond until the 10th. Too late though, I'm gone. Not only did sales lie, but the time I had to wait was stupid. It is lucky that I discovered this while it was a small server; any big one may crumble in an urgent situation with this support... not to mention that their chat is rarely online and all of the calls I have made go unanswered. You cannot rely on this host on anything more than a personal, non-important, friends-only server.

Randal4Sandal Thumb


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Published 15th January 2017

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Great for noobs.

FREE set up on mods was the main selling point for me. I wanted to play pixelmon and didn't really know much about hosting or how to set anything up so I wanted someone to do it for me. After sending them a couple of tickets they had it up and running for me. It did take a while for them to get it sorted but once it was up it was working great. Would recommend them for anyone looking for a small server that you want to mod. Great for noobs.

Harper Thumb


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Published 10th January 2017

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Great Host for minecraft.

Great Host for minecraft. The Bonus was the free voice server they throw in when you purchase one of their plans. The support has always been great and they have always come up with a solution for the many problems I have thrown myself into over the last couple of months. Even though they are a small company they have been great since day 1 and I would not consider going anywhere else.

iTabbs Thumb


Blue Star Blue Star Blue Star Grey Star Grey Star

Published 4th January 2017

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OGH are ok.

OGH are ok. I have been running a server with them for a month and haven't really had any issues from them but nothing has really stood out as being outstanding from what I have seen. The server works, the support team reply back after a couple of hours and seem to know what they are doing and also they allow modding. My friend uses another host that seems to offer better support but it is a bit more expensive so i guess you get what you pay for when it comes to server hosting.

[FR] Smith Thumb

[FR] Smith

Blue Star Blue Star Blue Star Blue Star Grey Star

Published 19th December 2016

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I have been a proud Minecraft customer with OGH for the last 5 months and I can report that they have been one of the best minecraft hosts I have used. Their prices are very reasonable and so far the server has had 100% up-time. My friends have been having a great time on the server and we are constantly changing the mod packs that we are using.


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