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This is following on from our last post in January 2018 covering a bunch of mods we love for Minecraft. The following mods are some of the most popular for Minecraft and remain so year on year. When you are looking for server hosting you will probably want to check that these are supported.

MC Reborn

mc reborn server hostingMC Reborn is part of the ATLauncher mod pack. MC Reborn is a mod that highlights a new gaming experience that will push your skills to the test. At the start you will die all the time as your character is very weak. However, as you continue to play on you will start to find new equipment. You will aso learn how to play a lot more efficiently with time. MC-Reborn is know for having the best world generation when it comes to mod packs. Many players love the range of Biomes in the modpack. There is loads to explore and do in MC-Reborn which will keep you playing for hours.

Find MC Reborn on the official ATL Launcher website here.

Agrarian Skies: hardcore Quest

Agrarian Skies Hardcore Quest server hosting

Minecraft Agrarian Skies: Hardcore Quest is a mod pack created by a third-party author and is part of the Feed The Beast Launcher. The mod consists of multiple quests including Learning to Skyblock, For the Hoarding and many more.

Find the original modpacks files and latest updates here.

Silvania Ultimatum

silvania server hostingSilvania Ultimatum can be installed using both the Cauldron an Bukkit Plugins in order to create less lag on your server for a better performance. Silvania Ultimatum is a great for number of different play styles including PVP servers, Survival maps and role-play as the world is great for mods and crafting. A lot of players use Silvania Ultimatum for huge builds and like to explore the huge selection of scientific mods which include Car mods, Archimedes ships and flan’s mod.

Find the latest files for Silvania Ultimatum on the ATL Launcher website.

From The Darkness 2

from the darkness 2 server hosting

From The Darkness 2 is an open ended Minecraft mod that has so much to offer with so many things to do! If your a fan of open ended adventures then th is for you. If you love to build huge structures and building with hundreds of different types of blocks than From The Darkness 2 is even more perfect for you. From The Darkness 2 uses a great resource management system that will completely blow your mind. From The Darkness 2 servers are installed using either Bukkit or the Caldron plugin.

Find the files for From The Darkness 2 on the ATL website here.

Survivalists’ Nightmare

Survivalists’ Nightmare was created for players that are looking for a challenge in Minecraft. It has been designed to be both Challenging and difficult in every aspect imaginable. Food is sparse and hide to find. There are very minimal resources making this mod incredibly hard and not for the faint hearted. You will need to do everything in order to survive in the Survivalists’ Nightmare including scavenge and craft in order to make it through all of the challenges that lay ahead.

Find the modpack on the ATL Launcher website.


sizzlecraft server hostingSizzleCraft was designed by Bacon_Donut with the original Vanilla Minecraft mechanics (The mod is considered to be a lower tech pack but continues to focus on fully customising and crafting). Even though SizzleCraft does miss a lot of the common tech mods it encourages you to really explore the world as you will need to look for resources in order to survive. This modpack has completely custom mods that you will not be able to use with any other mods. SizzleCraft is like no other Mod and you will discover so much in game including the various bosses in the Minecraft world.

Find SizzleCraft on the official ATL Launcher website.

Magicality The Next Dimension

magicality server hostingMagicality The Next Dimension is a mod that is heavily focused on a magic based story line. Players have to follow the story line in order to lead the fight against the block theifs and save the world. Magicality The Next Dimension only contains magical mods so if you are looking foe technical mods this isn’t the right mod for you.

Please note that Magicality The Next Dimension is still in Alpha development so future updates are likely to change how the game is released. The game focuses on a life system which limits players to 10 lives so they have to be careful with their lives.

Find the files for the game on the ATL website.

Explorer’s ModPack

Explorers ModPack server hostingExplorer’s ModPack was created with just one thing in mind “Exploring” the Minecraft world. Players will constantly be on the move in Explorer’s ModPack as there are very few places that you are able to build. Due to the lack of the land in this modpack you will have to continue exploring to find armour, resource, food and treasure that is hidden. In order to make this game more difficult the developers have activated a soft-hardcore mod. This means your equipment will parish over time so you need to make sure you have plenty of equipment on your journey.

Find this modpack on the ATL Launcher website.

Resonant Rise

resonant rise server hostingResonant Rise is considered to be one of the biggest and best modpacks around. It includes Resonant Rise lite and Resonant Rise Mainline which have been changed in order to use less RAM. Resonant Rise offers players so much! If you want to build something that is super technical or big this is right for you. Maybe you want to make something that contains loads of magical powers. You can create something that can really wow your friends with Resonant Rise. It crams so much in to this amazing mod pack. Resonant Rise is the main modpack for the RR project.

Get Resonant Rise with the ATL Launcher.

Vanilla Overhaul

Vanilla OverHaul server hostingVanilla OverHaul is pretty much the Vanilla Minecraft experience with more advanced mining, building, farming and much better brewing to improve on the original Minecraft features. This really is the best updated Vanilla version of Minecraft as it patches up and adds just enough without ruining the Vanilla experience.

Find the modpack here.


SolitaryCraft server hostingSolitaryCraft is a modpack that is apart of the ATLancher. SolitaryCraft is a modpack that allows players full control over what they want to add to their server with over 190 mods to choose from. However only 5 mods are actually required when using the mod so there is plenty of choice for any type of player. The main focus of the mod is exploring some of the 190 mods and creating your own adventure with your friends. Some places to adventure include the tropics in the Tropicraft mod or explore the magical forests of the Twilight forest realm.

Get SolitaryCraft on the ATL Launcher.

Ultra Hard Survial

Ultra Hard Survival server hostingUltra Hard Survival is back and better than ever, with more challenges and more surprises around the corner to test you to the limits. The modpack itself contains no health generation and puts caps on the amount of magic and technology you can use which makes this game very challenging. Mods are so much stronger, smarter and a lot more dangerous in Ultra Hard Survival which will mean that you will always have to be alert when their is danger around. If you like exploring dungeons, working on the latest chemistry mods or trying out black magic than Ultra Hard Survival is the mod for you.

Download the latest version using the ATL Launcher.


karma server hostingKarma is a mod that is part of ATLauncher modpack and was created by Chaoschunch who is part of the Minecraft Build Guild. The main focus of Karma is based on technology and adventuring the Minecraft world. The mod offers many ways for you to automate your game while you try to explore as much of the world as you can. Karma has so much to offer including an exclusive armour tier mod that is not available with any other mod pack and is definitely worth checking out if you like PVP or role play servers.

Find it to download here.

Beyond Reality

beyond reality server hostingBeyond Reality is a truly gripping experience that raises to the occasion and gives gamers what they really want! Beyond Reality is a well balanced mod that offers an end game that players can reach through exploring what this huge modpack has to offer. Beyond Reality really is a specialized modpack that has so many rewards to find. Beyond Reality was released in 2014 as part of the ATLauncher.

Download the pack with the ATLauncher.

Vaygrim’s Chance

Vaygrims Chance server hostingVaygrim’s Chance is described as a “casual fun” modpack that was created for the players that don’t like the grinding that some mod packs have causing them so be very frustrating and slow in some instances. Vaygrim’s Chance combines a balanced level of magical and technical mods that focus on trying to bring out the fun in a range of mods. This mod can be installed using Bukkit or Cauldron in order to prevent lag on your server.

Download the latest version here.

Natural Magic

natural magic server hostingNatural Magic was released in 2014 and continues to be one of the best magic mods available for Minecraft. If you love Minecraft and you love magic then this mod is definitely for you. Explore the magic and darkness in Natural Magic as you search for prehistoric treasures to unlock the mysteries of the Natural Magic world. Please note that Natural Magic is still in development so the mod may change in the future which may mean extra patches may need to be downloaded.

Get with the ATLauncher here.

Journey To The Core

journey to the core server hostingJourney to the Core is based on the classic story “Journey to the centre of the earth” in which you must journey down as far as you can go. Journey to the Core is described as a Hardcore modpack which is not for the faint hearted as the enemies are a lot smarter and the atmosphere of the game is a lot darker making it scary at times. In Journey to the Core you must set up camp and then journey deep in to the earth’s core in order to uncover hidden treasures that are rumoured to be buried deep below in a vast network of caves. None have ever survived.

Launch with the ATLauncher for Minecraft.

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