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The latest update reported for Unturned was back on the 12th, December 2017 and it’s about time the game had its latest news and updates reported on. The developers over at Smartly Dressed Games are constantly adding more and more to the title and with these last couple of updates that’s only been proven even more so than ever before.


One of the first updates after Update is the follow-up updates of, which brought a few minor additions into the game, but nothing too spectacular to write home about as of right now, except for the new survival map: Greece. This new and large survival map is obviously set in Greece and has a new and unique architectural structure to it, unlike many of the other maps in the game. In terms of minor additions, the developers have added the Greece Mystery Box to the stockpile, then they’ve also added a spawn animal command; along with some minor improvements to the game. What the devs have teased, however, is that they intend to create an arena map set on the isle of Cyprus and full questlines – hopefully set to be released sometime in January.


Following on from to are some new additions in the form of 3 more beach locations that have boats spawn in them; more airdrop nodes; animal spawns; the lighthouse is now visible on the map; and there are new doors to the faction bases. Then, of course, we’ve also got the typical bug fixes and optimisations you’d expect from any update.


Onto, there are a few more additions into the game with the ability to salvage marketable cosmetics and skins for more crafting materials; added basic server to client UI formatting, and barricades and structures have salvage requested events for plugins. Once more, there are some more fixes, tweaks, and general improvements to keep the game up and running.

To end things off on a high note, Unturned has received another lovely update to the game for the earlier part of January 2018. Easily the biggest addition for update is the new craftable stat counter – these can be attached to any weapon skin in your inventory to begin tracking different stats, such as how many kills you’ve mustered with that weapon. There are some extra bug fixes as well, such as the crafting list button icon tint being fixed; the potential audio issue when loading as well; unable to open devkit windows, and aprix bandit leader pants icon have all been fixed to improve the experience for the game as a whole.

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