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$3.98 (10 Slots)

Mumble is a voice over IP also know as a (VoIP) which was created primarily for the use of gamers. Mumble was released over 10 years ago back as a free and open source software which is now cross-platform. Much like other voice server software, gamers can now rent or buy dedicated servers. This provides a much more efficient alternative to hosting on a personal computer. The benefits of hosting via a company includes lower latency, in-house support and 24/7 uptime. You will also save you money on your own electricity bills.

Mumble server hosting can start from as low as a two person server right up to a 1000 + people. Though mumble is very basic visually it offers and wide range of features. The client allows you to open up multiple channels and switch between chats with ease. The mumble community is huge and has a strong user base. Mumble a good choice for gamers looking for a voice server.

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